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Every Friday, I’ll answer a reader question anonymously. I’m open to anything (it doesn’t have to be writing or book related), so don’t hesitate to send in a question. Email to or use the Contact tab.


Q: What is your opinion of fan fiction? Do you feel that it is worthwhile, or should people only stick to writing their own original works? What are your thoughts on people writing fan fiction based around your characters and their world?

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Q: I’ve guessed from the summary that Nick is going to have feelings for another boy in Secret. I’m fine with that, but I love Nick. Is he going to be gay for the whole book?

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Q: How do you reconnect with your characters after a long break from writing? I had started writing a novel during 2011 NaNoWriMo, but then my mother got sick and eventually died from cancer in early 2012. My mother had always encouraged me to write and now I feel I’m ready to get back on that horse. But when I picked up the pieces of my manuscript and began reading, I felt like I was in a room full of strangers instead of in my own story with the characters I had created. How do you know when something has the potential to be revised or if it should be scrapped altogether?

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Q: How many queries did you send before you were given the ‘yes’ and did you ever lose hope that an agent would accept your work? If so, what advice would you give to aspiring authors trying not to let the rejections get to her/him?

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Q: How do you handle writing about a situation you’ve never been in, such as having a character live in a different country or have divorced parents, if you’ve never experienced those? What are some tips for researching them and finding people to help you better understand and make your story authentic?

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Q: I’m 14. I want to read Storm and the rest of the Elemental series, but my mom is SUPER strict on what I read. So do the books have anything inappropriate in them?

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9 thoughts on “Reader Question Friday Archives

  1. Will there be a book six in the Elementals series? I really love the series and can’t wait for Sacrifice to come out!

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  3. my moms reading the series with me which i guess is ok but she wont hurry up and finish the 2nd so i cant move onto the next book. is there any way i can get it on kindle please say yes all the books that is. 🙂

  4. I have read ‘Elemental’, and I have to ask, what happened to Emily Morgan’s and Michael Merrick’s relationship? Because at book five, he was with Hannah? It’s just that he is one of my fave characters in the series and I also like Emily, but my curiosity is bugging me. I hope you have an answer to this. Thank you!! 🙂

  5. Dear Brigid,
    your book Sacrifice was so amazing. It was full of so much emotion that i cried twice. I didn’t realize how reading your books made me feel connected to the characters in the story. The first part i cried was when those people took Michael’s brothers away there was just so much emotion and it felt as if i was in that very same hospital room. The second part was when Hunter gave his life to save the Merricks. I couldn’t really believe what i had read so i reread like five times. So thanks for this wonderful series. I hope you write more about them but you know, its up to you.

    Yours truly,

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