Who wants to read the first chapter of THICKER THAN WATER? And more exciting news!

Hey, guys, it’s been a long summer of regular blogging, right? I’ve been blogging so much you’re probably muttering to yourself, “OMG. She is blogging AGAIN.”

*cough* I mean, my publicist pointed out that I haven’t blogged since before RT. Which was in MAY.

SO. I wanted to let you know about some exciting things. Also, there’s a cool Zac Efron gif at the bottom of the post. So just keep reading.

1) You can totally read the first chapter of THICKER THAN WATER now! You know you want to. 

Click HERE to read it online.

Click here to download a PDF: Thicker-Than-Water-Chapter-One

2) The Baltimore Book Festival is coming up! 

In an effort to prove to you all that I’m more exciting in person than I am online, I’m going to encourage you to logo-bbfcome out to the Baltimore Book Festival on Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 11am. I’ll be presenting on a panel with some amazing authors, including Jennifer Armentrout, Lea Nolan, Miranda Kenneally, Andrew Grey, Rachel Harris, and Cheryl Klam. We’ll be talking about swoony and sexy YA stories. Click here for more details.

I WILL TOTALLY BE GIVING AWAY A COPY OF THICKER THAN WATER!! You want to come for that alone, right? This book is hot off the presses, and you’ll could win a copy just for showing up!

If you’re missing any books from The Elemental Series, they’ll be available for sale, and I’ll be available to sign. I’ll sign anything. Books. Babies. Biceps. You name it.

3) Come join my reader group on Facebook!

Click here to join. We’re having a lot more fun than on the Facebook fan page, because Facebook doesn’t want us to have nice things anymore. Group members will get early, exclusive access to things like sneak peaks, secret info, and more. Come hang out. It’s worth it. I promise.

4) Tell me about you guys!

How was your summer? (Or, if you’re on the other side of the world, how was your winter?) Seriously. Tell me everything. I want to know!

5) You’re welcome: 

Zac Efron dancing giphy


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