A little bit about Sacrifice. (And a chance to win the whole series, signed!)

Here’s a little story. (You can skip to the end for the contest if you want.) SacrificeCover

So last year, around May, my husband and I talked about having another baby. Nothing happened, and we figured, “Whew, dodged that bullet, we’re so busy that we don’t really want another baby right now. What were we thinking?”

Fast forward to June 29 of last year, when I was standing alone in my bathroom at 11pm, staring at two pink lines. My husband and kids were all at the beach, but I’d driven home because I had to go to ALA the next morning, and I had a 6am flight to catch. (I did not sleep at all that night. If you met me at ALA and you thought I was vaguely nuts, now you know why.)

Now, if you’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook or if you know me in real life, you may know that I used to do the majority of my writing in the middle of the night. I would get the kids to bed, start writing around 9pm, go to bed around 1am, then get up at 5:30(ish) and start the day. I couldn’t do that every night, of course, but a couple nights a week, no problem. E_Sacrifice_CVR[IMG]

Guess what pregnancy does? It makes you tired. Especially when you already have two young children. Especially when you have a day job. Especially when you’re promoting books that have already been published. First baby? People pamper you. I remember a girl in my office would come around and rub my shoulders. People would offer to make me tea or bring me lunch so I wouldn’t have to get up. Third baby? People wonder if you know how to use birth control. (That’s not a complaint. It’s just reality. It affects the baby, too. I mean, with my first, he got a clean blanket every time I laid him on the floor. Zach gets put straight down on the carpet half the time. :-D)

For some reason, I thought this pregnancy wouldn’t be a challenge when combined with the writing. I’ve done it before (I was pregnant with Sam while writing Spark, and I wrote Elemental in the first month after he was born), but that was before Storm was even published, when all my writing activities were solely focused on actually writing, and nothing promotional.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Writing Sacrifice kicked my ass. My editor and I had a few inside jokes about how we never should have chosen this title, because it was really a little too close to the truth. It doesn’t help that I started the book several times and kept scrapping it, because it just wasn’t right. Michael Merrick wouldn’t cry in every chapter! Michael Merrick wouldn’t say that! Ugh, I have to delete this scene because Michael Merrick isn’t a frigging moron!

Then the baby was born early. That meant I was writing Sacrifice like this:



Or like this:



Or like this:

Zach Sleeping Mommy Writing


They say that when you’re nursing a newborn, you should sleep when the baby sleeps. I couldn’t do that because I was writing when the baby was sleeping. I think I put Michael Merrick through hell just because I felt like I was going through it myself. (“You think a little smoke inhalation is bad, Michael? Try picking up a screaming 35lb. toddler while wearing a newborn in a sling. TRY IT.”)

I finished Sacrifice through the eternal patience of my amazing editor and my amazing agent. There were tears involved. A lot of them. But I got it done.   In looking back, I wouldn’t give up one minute of the experience. It was the biggest challenge I’ve faced in quite a while, and I’m proud of myself for getting it done. Baby Zach is by far my most cuddly, snuggly, happy baby, which helps. I’ve been up since 2:30am (it’s 5am now) because his belly was upset, and I can’t even be irritated with him, because I just love him so much. I don’t mind the missed sleep or the spit up down my shirt or the fact that I’m going to be a zombie by lunchtime. I love how one day I’ll be able to show him those pictures and show him the book and say, “You were a big part of this.” Part of being a parent is the sacrifice, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

So here’s the contest. I’ll give away a signed copy of THE ENTIRE SERIES to two winners: one in the USA, and one international. All you have to do is leave a comment about what sacrifice might mean to you. There are no wrong answers. This contest is open to everyone on the planet, even if you’ve won something from me before.  The contest will be open until Wednesday, September 10, at 9am Baltimore time.  

Good luck!

58 thoughts on “A little bit about Sacrifice. (And a chance to win the whole series, signed!)

  1. My understanding of a sacrifice means something to give up for the sake of looking out for someone you love. It doesn’t necessarily have to be out of duty, but something done willingly out of the goodness of your heart. However big or small, a sacrifice is a way of showing how much you care – that you would put something aside for the sake of someone else.

    • I think its easy to make a sacrifice for love. we do it all the time. A real sacrifice to to give a piece or all of your self for the greater good.

    • I believe that it is when you risk something that you cherish to help somebody else. To help people even if you don’t like them or want to help them. You don’t have to risk your life to sacrifice, you just have to do it out of love!

  2. Sacrifice means to willing give up something that holds meaning to you for the sake of someone else. For the sacrifice to be true the other person needs to be unaware of you giving up something and your motives cannot benefit you personal for example receive something in return. A sacrifice leaves ypu as an unsung hero in a situation only known to yourself.

  3. Unlike just a promise, sacrifice is an act that demands unspeakable loss. Sacrifice demands that we put aside and surrender the things we cherish the most for the ones we love.

    Sacrifice shows our devotion in a cause that is bigger than we are. A pure selfless act for the the one’s we’re tying to protect. Sacrifice is an act of love for the one’s we would willingly lay down our lives for.

    Sacrifice is the abdication of something we want or need, for the good of someone we love.

  4. Sacrifice means doing something for someone else even though it costs you in some way, tiny or monumental. Sometimes thre are motives, others it’s just a pure act of devotion and selflessness.

  5. Until last November, I would have said sacrifice meant having to give up my “writing room” so a friend could have a room to stay in, but once my son was born, I knew that sacrifice–to me–means doing whatever I have to in order to keep my son safe and for him to feel loved.

  6. It’s when I look back and think ‘if I could go back and do that differently, would I?’ And the answer is no. Hard times make us who we are.

    And those pictures are priceless!

  7. If you look up sacrifice in the dictionary(at least the online one;) ) it lists all sorts of morbid definitions. But I don’t think that’s very accurate. Sacrifice isn’t always so terrifying and morbid; often it’s beautiful and admirable. A soldier sacrifices his life for his country or a mother sacrifices her time and energy for her child. Though they may complain, as my soldier does every day, they never quit. Sacrifice is giving up yourself in order to better the lives of others, whether they are close to you or not. It’s a beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time.
    Sacrifice is life.

  8. First just want to say Yay that Sacrifice is completed. Can’t wait to read it!

    Sacrifice is doing it (or doing without) even when you don’t want to. Being a mom makes sacrifice easy. You do for your kids even if it means you do without. They are the world and the joy and the tears and everything else in between. I would sacrifice anything for my kids.

  9. Whenever I hear the word sacrifice, my first thought is always of our veterans. The men and women who have fought for our country. I think they, better than anyone els,e truly and deeply know and understand the meaning of the word sacrifice.

  10. Sacrifice means to me that you give up something you love for someone else. Like if you were over seas and you gave up a phone call to your loved ones so someone else could call theirs.

  11. Firstly, I have to say, you are truly Superwoman. Having three kids probably feels like you have 10 kids. But I was lucky enough to have a cool mom (who also had a full-time job), too, so I know your boys are so grateful.

    I think sacrifice is a spectrum. Sometimes a sacrifice just means you’ll be inconvenienced, and sometimes it means risking your life. Whether big or small, making a sacrifice requires us to do something most people wouldn’t do or to go somewhere most people would avoid – to ignore our instincts and fear – so we can jump into action. The craziest (and best) part of it all is that the sacrifice is made to help another – a loved one or a complete stranger – and has no intended benefits for the person performing the task.

  12. A sacrifice to me, is the ultimate thing a person can do. It’s an act of trust. You trust that in giving up something may it be a meal, a lover, or even your life, that the person your sacrificing for will use the chance you gave them for good.

  13. You give up something/ someone that means a lot to you, but because it’s the right thing to do. You might want to keep it, but make that sacrifice because you have to.

  14. Sacrifice to me is to give something that you have worked really hard for and treasure solemnly in your heart to help or save someone else no matter who they are, or to get something else which is more important at that time. 🙂

  15. Sacrifice isn’t just giving up something, to benefit yourself or others, but it’s about making more out of something. By sacrificing something, or ti giving something up, you are taking and grasping opportunites to make the best out of everything possible! Good luck to all! Xo

  16. To me sacrifice is a selfless act of love where a person gives something of value-whether it is a physical object, time, or any other number of things-so someone else can have what they need.

  17. Sacrifice is doing something not just for the benefit for yourself but for others, even if it may have a bad outcome to yourself. You would understand that bad things may happen which is why it’s a sacrifice. You’re willing to do something else for someone/something despite knowing what could happen to you.

  18. “Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you’re not really losing it. You’re just passing it on to someone else.”
    ― Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven

    I really loved that book and love thinking of sacrifice this way.

  19. Sacrifice is choosing between what you want and what someone else needs. Sacrifice is choosing to do that thing that someone else needs over your wants. THIS is sacrifice, real and true (to me anyway). Just think of all of the people currently in wars, they have to choose, between what they want to do and what the people they are there to protect need.

  20. To me sacrifice means a lot of things.
    When you think of the general meaning of sacrifice you think ‘Give up something for the good of someone else’ but I think there’s a deeper meaning to it.
    Sacrifice is simply about love.
    When you learn to sacrifice things for love you’ve done good.
    When you sacrifice something and you know that you’ve done the right thing not a better feeling can come from that.
    This is why I believe that sacrifice is about love.
    With it greater outcomes and accomplishes may come from the selflessness
    You may find a quiet smile on your face when you see something go the way it was meant to go.
    If it stems from the love you have for someone else to the point you’d do something for them and sacrifice something else (As long as it doesn’t hurt you) is one of the most beautiful and enriching things you can do.

  21. As I learned in history class a few days ago, to sacrifice is to offer something to a god or a deity in the hopes of attaining a favor, whether it be fertility or a good crop season. This type of sacrifice asks for something in return, a far cry from the selfless, heroic acts seen in books, movies, or everyday acts. I think it’s fascinating the lengths people will go in order to achieve prosperity in their lives, the undying faith they possess when things are at their worst. Sacrifice gives us spirit, a hope for something better.

  22. Sacrifice means not moving to another State so that my nieces and nephews will grow up knowing who I am. Sacrifice means getting baby vomit in my eyes, and learning to burp babies even though they are my nieces and nephews, not my own children. Sacrifice means love.

  23. It’s a selfless act of kindess to anyone whether it be friend or foe. staying up all night to help a friend in need, giving your lunch to someone who won’t eat the whole day, going to comic book shows with my husband instead of staying home and cleaning (which i really don’t enjoy, but is the lesser of the two evils). it means taking one for the team. the ultimate sacrifice was when one man died so that all could live.

  24. I totally understand about the 3rd kid. Wow. I had my 3rd last August and my writing slowed to a crawl. My short term memory is mostly gone now. I think it’s a self-preservation thing, but I do have vague memories of nursing a newborn while struggling to heft a 2yo onto the toilet. As parents, don’t we all sacrifice a small piece of sanity? Kudos. I don’t know how you finished a book.

  25. I am so in awe of you. I follow you on Twitter via my personal account as well as my blog account, and as I follow fewer people on that account, I think I read a large amount of your tweets, if not all, while you were writing Sacrifice whilst pregnant and after Zach was born. I was amazed over how hard you were working at what was (and I’m sure still is) such a busy time! I don’t know how you did it, and I have so much respect for you! What a devoted author and amazing mummy! 🙂 Kudos!

    Sacrifice, to me, means selflessness. I don’t think it necessarily has to mean going through hardship or something negative. Because to sacrifice something is just another way of loving. Love is never a bad thing.

    In case I’m picked as a winner, I live outside the US. 🙂

  26. I have followed your journey on Facebook. My brother in law retired from the Anne Arundel police department. I feel your pain. My twins were born on Oct. 1 ang their big sister turned two on Oct. 20. I really don’t remember much about the first two years after they were born. It’s all a blur.

  27. Sacrifice is when you have to give up something you love. It could also be used for offering something, like an animal’s life, to a deity. That’s what the dictionary, says anyway.

    Thanks for giving us the chance to win the whole series! Can’t wait to read SACRIFICE!! 😉 😉 😉

  28. For me Scarifice is about doing something that’s bigger than you- whether it be a man who tells the love of his life to move on if he will die in the war, or a woman who celebrates life after the man she loved died two days before her wedding day because she KNOWS how hard it is.
    It means someone who fights and is prepared to die so his fellow soliders might get hime safely.

    But more than all it means a mother choosing to do what’s right for her child no matter the cost. Even of her child might hate her for it.

    I once heard this story-

    once upon a time there was a child whose mother had only one eye and he was ashamed of that, because the other kids weren’t nice about that. The child grew up and became a man, he gor married and had a child of his own. all these years he was ashamed of his mother, but after holding his child he knew he had to speak with her. For the first time in his life he asked her why did she only have one eye. her answer was “when you were born, you had only one eye. so I gave you one of mine- so you will have a normal life”.

    That is scarifice to me.

    [I’m an international reader].

  29. How does one begin to explain the meaning of sacrifice?
    Do we refer to is as sacrifice or Sacrfice? Does capitalising it make no difference or do we belittle the act of it by not writing it with a capital S?
    Is this a cliche beginning? Yes. Most Probably.
    Am I going to continue the cliche-ness? Absolutely.
    The word sacrifice is often seen as something that has a negative outcome for the person who is doing the sacrificing. And maybe sometimes that is the case. But sacrificing has always been about giving. About being kind and generous and selfless if only for a moment. When done right, sacrifices are the most beautiful things in the world. And this world needs as many beautiful things given to it as possible.
    So maybe by the end of this comment I didn’t really specify what sacrifice was. Maybe sacrifice isn’t anything that can be explained- maybe it’s something that you have to see to believe (like Santa Claus. Or Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. But I digress.)
    Sacrifice is a beautiful thing. A selfless thing. I respect those who sacrifice parts of themselves -be it time, money, hair, chocolate, love- and I wish to be one of them.
    I wish that sacrifice was advertised more often. I wish that people would see that it doesn’t have to be as big as saving the world at your own expense to make it a meaningful sacrifice.
    Sacrifices are such beautiful things. And no matter how much it hurts in the beginning, the results are worth so much more.
    And now the cliche quota has been reached.

  30. sacrifice for me means that I give up my one needs and selfishness and if it comes to it my own life for the better good and the one how is in need if it loved one or not, animal or human.

  31. Sacrifice means doing what you know will make you upset, or what you don’t want to do, for the sake of making someone else happy, because you love them that much.

  32. I think its easy to make a sacrifice for love. we do it all the time. A real sacrifice to to give a piece or all of your self for the greater good.

  33. According to my personal – and very common and unimaginative – interpretation, “sacrifice” means willingly/gladly endangering or giving up something dear/important either in favor of something even more dear/important, or to do what one believes is right. Seriousness wise, so to say, I think it can encompass many things from small gestures – like, for instance, a parent not eating and putting aside certain types of foods because they knows their kid(s) love(s) them (and of course there is not enough for everybody), or a really shy and unsociable person going to partying with a friend on their birthday just because it would make said friend really happy -, to big life altering decisions like dedicating one’s life to a worthy cause, or putting in jeopardy – or in really extreme cases even giving up – one’s life in exchange for somebody else’s.

    Ps.: Huge congratulations on prevailing over the challenges you faced over the last year or so! You are amazing!

  34. For me Sacrifice is a big and important word and it means a lot to me, I know that parents are the ones that do a lot of sacrifices for their children and until your are a parent you understand a lot about what your parents sacrifice for you, sacrifice something for someone you love is important and very good but sacrifice something for someone you don’t is even bigger, Jesus Christ died to atone for everyone sins (sorry it sounds very religious but it’s what I feel, no intention to offend anyone)and that is the biggest sacrifice ever, so for me it’s very important word and is part of my life that I try to remember him when I do something for someone. Thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts, your books are amazing!

  35. I love love love this series! I am so excited to read about Michael because, honestly, he’s probably my favourite.

    What does sacrifice mean to me? Its about being selfless. Even for just a second. Understand the choices that are available and their outcomes. Its about making one that may not make you happy right now, but it may in the future, or it might make someone else happy. Its about ignoring impulse or maybe not depending on what that impulse it. But, its setting aside yourself and looking at the bigger picture.

  36. Once, at a midnight party, I met a young man with heavy stone eyes who claimed he came from the edge of the world. I shared an overturned fruit crate with him in an alley outside of the party. The deafening music pulsed through the bricks of the venue and into our backs. Silent, I watched the tip of his cigarette bloom red each time he took a drag. He exhaled, and the smoke lost itself to the dark of the night.

    He said where he came from, everyone took turns holding up the sky.

    While he held the sky, nobody ever visited. Madness was common. So were waking fever dreams for lack of sleep. Itchies that could not be scratched would taunt you, then run up and down your back and legs. If you managed to shake the sky hard enough, a few drops of drinking water would fall, but catching them was a different story.

    His people were few as many of them had renounced tradition and left to reintergrate into the society that their ancestors had chosen to separate from. He’d have to take the sky on his back for months on end, he said.

    He showed me the raised white scars and fresh burns on his hands to prove it.

    He was free now, I told him. There were secret, greedy hopes in my head. He could leave for forever. He could–

    Shaking his head, he took his longest drag on his cigarette yet. “Sacrifice is keeping that promise I made when I thought I wouldn’t have to,” he said. “Sacrifice means I lose so you don’t have to.”

    No matter how many parties I force myself to go to, I haven’t seen him since.

  37. Sacrifice means to mean that I’m willing to put needs over wants or someone’s needs over mine’s. I have to be able to push away stuff that I want to do if it means that I can help someone else who needs it more. Also, I should toughen up and do something I distaste if it was for someone I care about.

    Thank you really for this opportunity and I love your series, truly!

  38. Sacrifice isn’t just giving up the big things, it’s giving up the little things. For e.g in books, it’s mostly giving up your life so that someone else can live the life that they were destined to live. That is sacrifice, but it’s also giving up your favourite toy to someone less fortunate or waking up in the middle of the night to look after a crying baby. In essence, it is putting others above yourself, putting their needs and wants before yours. It’s looking after other and living for others and is seen as the most important part of humanity and shows how humans have an amazing quality of caring for the people that they love.

    Thank you fr giving us the chance to enter this competition. I love the Elemental series and I hope that everything goes well for you.

  39. Congrats to you, Brigid! You’re amazing and is your Elemental Series. Love the pictures of you and little Zach 🙂

    To me, a sacrifice means that you give something up for the good of someone else. This decision could cause you pain or discomfort in the short- and/or long-term, but you do it anyway fully aware of what you’ve given up for the happiness of someone else. I’d like to think that I would make sacrifices for my friends and loved ones, and for complete strangers too.

  40. What does sacrifice mean to me? Love. You would do anything for the people you love right? A lot of the times you’ll see little sacrifices; letting the kid have the last cupcake, or going to Chuckie Cheese instead of a date with you and your husband. It’s not always little things either. It could be a long-term and huge sacrifice, choosing someone you really care over another…risking your life for someone else’s. Most of the time people think of sacrifice as in movies when people do crazy things. But it happens every. Single. Day. Maybe not as extreme all the time, but you’d be surprised. I haven’t read Sacrifice yet, but I read saw the cover for the first time I figured that this may be my favorite book because we finally get to see inside of Michael’s busy head and see everything/everyone from his perspective. Michael may be a hard ass, but honestly…he is a softy when it comes to the people he loves; Nick, Gabriel, Chris, Hannah etc. He has put their needs before his (99.9% of the time. The guy kinda has to take showers and feed himself)

    Thanks for this contest! And congratulations on everything that has happened the past four years with you and this series!!! I hope you continue with writing other stories!

    (And that someone will be smart enough to realize this series should be a movie)

  41. Oh Brigid. You bet your butt I read that post in its entirety! It’s great being your friend on Facebook because I can remember certain points of time like when you first announced the pregnancy, when you were xyz weeks/months along, when he was born, etc. Your journey is incredible, Brigid. I am in awe that you have four boys and a husband and a day job and an entire series out (almost) and you are just blowing everything out of the park! Seriously, you rock. So much. I kind of TOTALLY look up to you, in so many ways.

    I wasn’t going to enter the contest but then I was like signed set… yeah, I’m entering 😀 For me, a sacrifice would be giving up my education at Johns Hopkins to take care of my parents. I could have gone to an Ivy League school or a school out-of-state, but I stayed relatively close to home (25 min away), to be near my parents. I lived on campus last year, and am doing so this year, but next year and the year after, I’ll live at home. It’s always been a huge factor in my choice to come to Hopkins, to watch out for my parents (they have plenty of health problems to worry about). And it’s always been a distinct possibility that I would need to step in and do a little more than just go to school.

    But if you can’t sacrifice something for your PARENTS, for whom else can you sacrifice something?

    Anyway. That’s my spiel. Thank you for the inspiring post, for writing, and for the giveaway! <3

    (I'm in the USA.)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  42. Sacrifice is always about the greater good. It’s about working 3 jobs and going to school because you know that once you finish, you’ll find that 1 great job. Sacrifice is buying a homeless man a meal with the last of your money for the day/and or week. While at times it may seem like your giving up something, i.e. sleep, money, food, etc. what you gain is intrinsically always better. What makes sacrifice awesome is that there is hope sprinkled on top. You never lose hope. Sacrifice is also about giving of yourself to others.

  43. I believe that to sacrifice something for the sake of another is something that should be cherished. For someone to sacrifice something for you is one thing that should never be forgotten and forever returned. To me personally, to sacrifice something it is either for someone you love or something you enjoy doing. sacrificing something doesn’t have to be huge, it can be small and seemingly insignificant but to someone it will mean the world. I do believe that sacrifice can bring you pain but I also that think that you are passing on your happiness to someone who may never have had such an opportunity. Sacrifice is one of the few things that we are all able to do, whether it be something for a loved one or something seemingly small to a complete stranger. So what I’m trying to say is that sacrifice is about putting others before yourself, even if it is only something small it will mean everything to someone.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity.
    Oh and I adore your Elemental series Brigid!

  44. To me, sacrifice is the most beautiful thing someone can do for a loved one, someone they care about or someone they’ve just met and hardly know. It can be little things, or huge significant events that change your life for better or for worse but you still wouldn’t regret it because you meant it at the time and it helped the other person. It makes me think of Michael when he finally opens up tells Gabriel about how he desperately wanted to tell everyone to get out of his face, how he gave up everything, his youth, to look after his brothers.He’s a bit of a hard-ass but he’d do anything for his family, just as they would for him. I guess that’s what makes the elemental series so beautiful, it’s the kind of book that wraps around your soul and changes you for the better.
    Thanks for your time, I simply adore your writing

  45. To me, sacrifice is giving away your Elemental series to a friend and wondering if you’ll ever see them again because she might love as much as you, (she did give them back, albeit reluctantly). However; on a more serious or not so serious note I believe sacrifice is giving a part of yourself for something or somebody you care strongly about. There cannot be sacrifice without loss and that loss can vary from sleep, to time and to life. Then to sacrifice and survive is to forego without that piece of yourself and reside into the world in your separate pieces.
    Thanks Brigid, you are such an inspiration to my own writing career. My friends are sick of hearing your name when I describe where and who I want to be when I’m older.

  46. To me, Sacrifice means putting someone else’s needs before your own. It’s thinking about the greater good or what will positively affect more people around you then thinking about your own wants and doing what you want to do. It’s thinking about your loved ones and doing whatever you can to make them happy. It’s doing what isn’t necessarily easy, but what is right.

  47. Sacrifice means giving up something for the sake of good things. Like my mom, she sacrifice going abroad and work there and leave us in the Philippines for our education and other needs, I haven’t seen her a long time and probably wait for another year because this is my last year in college and I can’t wait for her to come back here and hug her and say my loudest THANK YOU to her! She started working abroad since I was 6 years old and now I’m already 19 🙁 But all is worth it!

    I can’t wait to read Sacrifice, I’m a fan of your series!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Jello from the Philippines 🙂

  48. Hi! Thank you so, so much for the giveaway! From my understanding, sacrifice means giving up something for the betterment of others. It’s the best way to show your love to other people! 🙂

  49. In life, we will all experience sacrificing things for the greatness of other things. Even if it is an act of selflessness or an act of selfishness, we will have to sacrifice one thing/s.

    To me, SACRIFICE means giving up on what you have to do For the sake of what is need to be done for the sake of tomorrow or future of someone.

    Sacrifice is part of our system, it is part of our lives. It is not just a word we spit, write and read, it is an act of a hero and I know that everyone of us are heroes in our own ways.

    -Arnie, from Philippines. 🙂 <3

  50. Sacrifice has its own various forms. It is giving up your everything to fulfill your dreams. Its is giving up your dreams to fulfill your loved one’s dream. It is giving up your plate of food to your family when you have nothing left in the house. It is giving up your life for the people of our country. Sacrifice is something which we all have to do sometime in our life. Some people are rewarded for their sacrifice, some are left unknown. For me, true sacrifice will always be where you gave away something and not knowing what fruits it will bear for you.

    P.S. I think your contest is closed by now but I had to comment anyway. Sorry for the late comment. Thank you for the series and thank you for the Sacrifice you gave to write the Sacrifice! 🙂

  51. Sacrifice, in my mind, seems to be a negative word. But I don’t think it should be. When we are sacrificing, we do it for something that we feel very strongly about! We do it because we believe. I know in my life I make sacrifices, sometimes they are big, but mostly it’s the small everyday ones that make a difference-like sacrificing the right to speak your mind if it would hurt someone else’s feelings. Sacrifice also makes me think of the savior and what a loving this he did for us, with LOVE not hate.

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