Reader Question Friday: How do I get an early copy of Secret?

I know, I know, you guys are used to deep, probing questions on Fridays now. And I promise to have one of those back next week. But guess what. I have advance review copies of Secret. I can’t wait to give away a copy. I’m running a contest on my Facebook page to give them away, but I didn’t want to limit the contest to just Facebook friends and followers.

So here’s the deal. You can either click through to the below post and leave a comment (if you’re on Facebook), or if it’s easier, just leave a comment here on the blog. I’ll read them all and consider them all.

The nature of your comment? Tell me why you want a copy of Secret.

Good luck!

23 thoughts on “Reader Question Friday: How do I get an early copy of Secret?


    Well first I’ve read the first two books from the Elemental series and now get a glimpse of the life of the Merrick brothers. Reading Nick story is definitely a MUST. He’s the silent, kinda good type of guy, but we all know that there’s always something hidden from those types. Reading his novella gave us a taste of what’s on his mind BUT it’s still a novella,& it was a starter for me, a reader to get prepare of what’s with Nick Merrick. I. CANNOT. WAIT. TO. READ. IT!:))

  2. When I first saw your books, I read the first page and fell in love. Storm was so emotional and perfectly inside the character’s heads. Spark had me crying too many times to count, and during spirit, I cried myself to sleep. I read all three of your books in less than a day or two. I was in love. I own all of the books and novellas. I’m a fanatic reader, reading every book possible, and yours is the best I’ve read. I don’t think I can wait for months longer, knowing someone else has the book. I connect so much to Nick, just because I know what it’s like to feel like you have to hold everything together. Books have always been my saving grace, and I’m in love with the Merrick brothers. I’d really, really love to have Secret. Please consider me.

  3. Why would I want a copy of Secret?

    The answer? I NEED it because I absolutely love the series! You are a seriously amazing author. (Does this count as an entry if I also commented on your Facebook page? I’m thinking it probably doesn’t matter either way.)

    Anyway, I have bought almost all your books. (Spark, Fearless, Breathless) Even so, I think maybe I’ll have to read the whole series again. (Because it’s just that amazing.) Nick is one of my favorite characters, along with Gabriel, of course. Since they’re twins. I am so looking forward to this book, that I couldn’t possibly wait till January. (But I fear that I must, if I have to.) 😉

  4. Why would I love to get an early copy of Secret?

    Honestly, Brigid, Storm and Spark got me through a really rough time. I need an escape from all the drama that I was dealing with just moving into college far away from home. They helped me get over a really douche bag type of guy and a “friend” who wasn’t exactly that great of a friend to begin with. But more importantly it got me back into writing. It’s where I fell in love with your characters and your writing and it helped me pull myself out of my own head and back into writing again.

    I’m doing much better now (Screw that guy. I can do much better with a Merrick than that asshole) but the reason to why I would love an early copy: BECAUSE I LOVE YOUR BOOKS AND I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WITH NICK!

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  6. Me! Why? Well, I’m already on the second reading of the books, and I am tempted to read them for the third time round. These books are awesome and addicting and I just feel like the wait is too excruciatingly long. Oh, and Nick is my favourite character. Also, my sister reads them, as well, and she loves them, as well. I’m am very, very, very, very, very…(infinity times) eager to read Nick’s story already!!!!!!!!! I need and want to know what happens. And I can go on and on and on and on and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hey Brigid, thanks so much for this giveaway, you are too kind.
    I have only just discovered your books. I read Storm a few weeks ago and fell head over heels in love with it. I loved Becca and the Merrick brothers stole my heart. I haven’t got the money right now to buy spark and spirit but next month is my birthday so I’ll be able to buy copies of them then, and it will be great to have secret to read straight after I read them. I can’t get enough of the Merrick brothers and wish I could read all your books right now, but that’s life. I just can’t wait to get inside the other Merrick boys heads.

    Congratulations on Storm selling in the UK. I’m so glad Australia(that’s where I’m from) has them already:) They are such great books that deserve to be read by everyone! EVERYONE. I’d love a copy of secret, I need them all ASAP, and a free copy would mean I get to read it a whole lot sooner than if I had to pay for it.

    I am so glad you didn’t let these brothers go and made them elementals, and that you didn’t give up because if you did I would never have known or read one of my favorite books and that would have been a great tragedy.

    Thanks for making this giveaway international.

    P.S My husband’s name is Michael too 🙂

  8. Because the Merricks and Hunter have a new found brotherhood and I NEED to know how that’s working out for them. 5 boys under one roof? I can imagine it’s all smiles and rainbows.
    P.s it’s my birthday soon!

  9. Hey Brigid!
    First of all, thanks for the chance you’re giving us, no matter who wins.

    Why do I want this book? Well, starting with the obvious, because I absolutely *need* to know what happens next.
    I’d gotten over PNR YA in the most drastic way when I found out about this series, but since everyone was raving about it I thought I’d give it a try, and you *might* just have gotten me back into the genre. The boys had me on the brink of tears more than once – and if there is one thing I don’t do, it’s cry. I’m just not that kind of person. Can’t say I’m exactly grateful, but it was a pretty great feat. ;D

    Also, I’m an M/M reader. Considering that and your success rate as far as I’m concerned, Nick’s story might just end up being a favourite.

  10. I would seriously love to get a copy Secret. I’ve bought the other books in the series as soon as they came out. My home life and school life was really, really bad and your books were my only escape. I’ve read them over and over countless times. I fell in love with the words on the page. These books changed my life. It would mean the world to me if I could get a copy early, I do think I can wait for it to come out. Please, please consider me, I love your books so much.

  11. Thanks for the great giveaway!! So, why do I want Secret? Because I’ve only been dying to find out what happens next ever since reading Spirit this summer! Especially now that things have changed and Hunter has become one of Michael’s boys. I love stories about brotherly relationships, and the whole brother dynamic in this series is one of my favorite things about it. Your Elemental series is easily one of my favorite YA paranormal romances. It’s so good I had to read it twice, and I even gifted a friend with copies of the first two books for her birthday! Basically, if I know you have a book coming out I’ll probably be making grabby hands until the release date. 😛

  12. The Elementals series is so, so refreshing. I’ve never read teen boy POVs that rang so true, or teenagers in general. It inspired me to start writing my own because I finally felt like YA fiction could exist with authentic teens who curse and fight and have sex and generally aren’t flowery portrayals. So suffice to say, I got so giddy when I realised there would be more than a trilogy of books, and I must read this book immediately.

    Also I am deeply in love with all of the Merrick brothers AND YOU WOULDN’T WANT TO STAND IN THE WAY OF TRUE LOVE WOULD YOU BRIGID?!

  13. Because i just have too. The Merrick brothers are just , just *drool*. But honestly the element series is one of my all time favourites , it’s fresh , realistic, humours and heartbreaking . Nick and Quninn’s stories are bound to be journeys accepting who they really are inside ( and major tearjerkers, Oh Nick!). The thing about the series that makes it realistic is the characters are complexed with real personalities and traits that have made real mistakes and choices , i love the family dynamic and the sense of the realities of life: life isn’t always pretty and can be hard but it can be beautiful , the event are also promotes that. lies, secrets,death,love,sex,heartbreak,alcohol,bullying , and mistake all aspects of life and growing up that the your books also include instead of shying away and pretending teens don’t do that.
    All in all i really love your books ( and the Merrick brothers and even Hunter )

  14. Why I should get it?
    I’m Australian and I don’t have Facebook (yet) and I miss out on so many copies of other books that I would like. But don’t dwell on that. I have read all of your books but so did anyone else on this site no doubt. I had a connection to Gabriel’s book and Nicks as I am a twin, but not identical, but there are similarities about twins, like you grow up together and are best friends, do everything together but one day it’s your future by yourself and maybe your twin won’t be there with you. Or it’s the boyfriend in the way taking up your time with your twin. But that’s life; I would love this copy of Secret as I think that you are a great writer that can write about the experiences of what it is like to find out about being gay/homosexual. The way you write and how your characters feel so alive, and the bond they share is truly amazing. In your books, you address the real things that happen in a teenager’s life such as bullying, sex, boyfriends/girlfriends and finding and accepting who you are. These books are not ‘far-fetched’ like some others. I would like to find out what Nick does and how he tells people about his predicament, including his brothers, or what he does to try and keep that part of himself a secret? How would his brothers think of him? But for me, I think that they would accept him for who he is. Reading books is an escape from real life and by doing this we are able to run alongside Gabriel and hang out with Becca. We experience their life and learn from their mistakes, connecting to them like they are our own brothers and/or friends sisters. But anyone deserves to get these copies. We just can’t wait to read the book.

  15. Hey!
    Hmmm…. the reason that I want an early copy is because whenever I read one of your books, I feel, hear, smell, and feel mentally what the characters are feeling hearing and smelling. Im not really into chick-flicks, and Storm REALLY got my attention. (I mean, c’mon! There are four TOTALLY smokin’ hot guys!!! ;))
    Your stories aren’t really chick-flicks, which I like. Your books fit PERFECTLY into my category of books that I like! They have mystery, suspense, drama, VERY emotional and real, and the COMEDY!!! I laugh so hard when I read your books, and cry myself to sleep.
    These books are my saving grace! Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night and am feeling emotional, I grab the books, and start reading. I can get done with the first three books in at least 2 1/2 hours. Whenever my parents annoy me and then I get emotional, I will just whole op in my room and read your books and cry myself to sleep.
    I was really ticked off that you are sucha good writer after I was finished the Novella for Nick, because I NEEDED to finish his actual story!!! (P.S. I was ticked off in a good way 🙂 Your job is supposed to make us want to read more! :))
    Bottom line is these books are my life. They helped me with my stress in school, and as a 13 year old who wants to take a few punches at some teachers and mean girls, Gabriel would have said “GO FOR IT!” But then the after results would always be very upsetting and emotional, which kept me sane enough not to punch people.
    They keep me sane, breathing, and I can get all my emotions out without being yelled at or glared at. I NEED to read Secret because Nick suffers through a lot and prolly has the biggest problems, and I personally think that this will be the best book of the series so far!
    Thanks for at least considering me, and thanks for being such a GREAT Author!!!!!!! 🙂
    P.S. CONGRATS on your series being released in the UK!! 🙂

  16. Hello Brigid!

    I absolutely love your series. I’ve read and reviewed them on my blog and I can’t get enough. When I first read Storm it blew my mind and opened me up to a whole new work. A very Merrick filled world lol. I’ve loved everyone of them and I’m wanting Secret to read and review for my blog and followers, also because I love the series, plain and simple. The series is new and refreshing and unlike any of the other series that I’ve read, and it makes me smile just thinking about those Merrick boys.

  17. I love love your series. I love that they live in Maryland. I am in withdrawal from reading this series and must get Secret! I had a good time at the launch get together for Spirit and was super excited that I got an advanced copy of that when I saw you in Annapolis. I will be seeing you in Winchester on Nov 9th…can’t wait!

  18. I want a copy of Secret because…
    1) The Elemental series is awesome and I adore it.
    2) You’re an awesome author.
    3) I can relate to Nick because I’ve been in the same situation before. He’s struggling with the fact that his family thinks he’s one thing but he’s really another. I’ve been in that position too. My family thinks I’m one certain way when I’m really not like that or I have a different opinion.
    4) I also love Quinn and I can’t imagine how hard it would be for her in her relationship with Nick and her family situation. And I want to see her fall in love and be happy.

  19. I read all of the available books and novellas this week for the first time. Most of the year I’ve been avoiding YA and Paranormal books, but I decided that I should get myself together and finally read something other than NA Romances.
    I was surprised how fantasting and different the Elemental series were, I especially loved the change of POV between brother and their love interests.
    And to be honest, I’m bad at keeping up with series if I don’t read them in a row. So I would love to get to read Nick’s story before waiting another excrutiating year, because his story IS the best…the next book after Secret can wait.

  20. I would love an opportunity to read SECRET. I’m pretty much obsessed in the best way with the Elementals series! I love the fact that it’s about four brothers with control over the elements, and how they learn to grow and adapt with these powers. Each boy gets their own story, but all of it – novellas and novels – works together to paint an even bigger picture story-wise. I also love how each boy gets their romance. While I might not always start out liking their love interest (*eyes Spirit*), in the end, it works perfectly.

    To sum it all up, I am a HUGE fan and really excited to continue on with this series!

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