So here’s what’s not cool.

I am seriously one of the most laid back people ever. It takes a lot to get me angry. I’m one of those people where someone will say something completely insulting, and it’ll take me a good five minutes to realize it. Not because I’m a moron, but because I generally believe the best about people.

Then I see things like this:

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 7.02.27 PM

Or I get an email with a line like this:

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 7.05.01 PM


So let’s just assume everyone out there is naive. If you read a traditionally published book online for free, it is very likely on that site illegally. And guess what? It’s not just that site that’s breaking the law. You are breaking the law by downloading that book, or by using that site to read it.

Don’t tell me that knowledge and literature should be free. I hate swearing on the blog, but let’s call a spade a spade. That’s such bullshit. Do you pay your mechanic for his knowledge? How about your doctor? Ever go to the grocery store? You think the people who grow the produce do it out of the goodness of their hearts? Come on. You want a free book? Go to the library. Sometimes you don’t even need to GO anywhere. Most libraries offer e-book downloads right from their library webpage.

You might not think that your one download matters. It does matter.

But again, I look for the best in people. If you didn’t know it was illegal, now you do.

I’m also a mother, so here’s my mommy voice. If you know it’s illegal, knock it off. 


(Yes, that first screen shot is from my blog stats. Yes, when you click on my website after searching for piracy links for my book, I do see that, and I see where you come from. Little hint: if you do that from a registered IP address — like if you do it from work — it tells me where you work, too. I considered it a big deal when the Department of Homeland Security hit my website. Must have been all the arson research for Spark.)


19 thoughts on “So here’s what’s not cool.

  1. So that’s annoying, and I’d love to know what you say when people email you that, but can I just add OMG HOW HILARIOUSLY TERRIFYING THAT SECOND-LAST SENTENCE IS.

  2. Yeah…they probably don’t take too kindly to teenagers reading about teenagers buying fertilizer bombs. It upsets them.

    As a little bit of happy news, I will be BUYING your first two novellas to read on the plane on Sunday. I am hoping there is more Cookie Crisp mentions 🙂

  3. Piracy is definitely not cool. I did write that third line up there, and I’m so sorry about the upset. I did wrestle with whether I should point it out or not, but it just didn’t seem right not to, especially because my search was completely harmless, and came up with that.

    I know the first two entries were definitely not cool, but I hope you know although I SAW an illegal link (and looked it up again to write you about it a day later), I didn’t actually use it. I promise.

    And yes, libraries: People should use them (or buy the books, obviously). Using libraries actually helps libraries, authors and readers.

    • Oh my goodness, I totally know! And I appreciate you letting me know. I hope it didn’t sound like I was irritated at you. I think you’re awesome, and I’m so touched that you took the time to point it out to me! (And I’ll still send you free books if you want them.) I’m irritated at the morons who think it’s OK. I had NO DOUBT about you reading books ethically. I hope my post doesn’t imply that you did something wrong. I was using it as an example of the sheer frequency.

  4. Public shaming! Yes!
    I’m so naive that I had no idea people were doing this. How seriously lazy are they not to borrow books from their library if they don’t wish to buy them? That’s pretty dang lazy.

  5. Call ’em out!! If they aren’t going to stop by any other means then put their names on the virtual chalkboard and let them be shunned by their peers. Honestly, they couldn’t spring for the novella??? That’s just cheap! And PATHETIC. I don’t understand how the pirating thing works but I do understand that unless I am on the author’s site and it says HERE DOWNLOAD THE FIRST THREE CHAPTERS FOR FREE I am not reading them! Come on people!!

    Excellent points Brigid!! (so very glad I’m not young enough for you to be my mom. You’d be scary hard to argue with.)

  6. That is NOT COOL at all. It makes me feel all stabby when I see people pirating books and thinking it’s perfectly okay. Stealing is NEVER okay, no matter what form it takes.

    Also, if Homeland Security visited my blog, I’d probably keel over dead from fright!

  7. I still can’t believe that people do things like this. I’m the sort of person who has read a story published for free online by the author (on one of the many sites where people can write original and fan fiction for fun) and then gone and bought the book when the author self-published in paperback. And so many people asked, why would you buy a book when you can just read it for free?

    It’s simple. I love books. I want to keep reading them. Books can only come out if authors write them. Authors can only write them if they have the time, the means, and the money. And as an aspiring writer myself, I know how much support can count – so I support my favourite authors, whether they already be millionaires or high school students publishing their work freely online.

    I wish those other people would grow a pair and support authors, too.

  8. Being on the author side of this obviously turns my book blogger persona away from this, too. Unfortunately, I’m not so sure this is a problem that will ever be solved. One piracy site I contacted about my own titles never once responded, and another site, it took quite a lot of emails for them to acknowledge me and offer to take my books down.
    I think what the ‘pirates’ are failing to realise is that time an author has to spend chasing up pirating sites detracts from the time that author could be spending writing. Not to mention the fact that every book illegally downloaded reduces the author’s income by a little more. But then I’d imagine the misnomer that authors are ‘rich’ probably contributes to their attitudes of believing they shouldn’t have to ‘pay us’ for our efforts. Though Amazon isn’t exactly helping in this department either, with their ‘returns policy’ they have going on that leaves a lot of room for abuse and manipulation (but I’m not going to go into that here–certainly not publicly).

    Anyway, long story short: yes, this maddens me, and saddens me, but unfortunately, for every pirating site folk manage to get shut down, another 2 will always slide into its place. Though, that leaves me wondering: should we walk away and say ‘we’re fighting a losing battle’, or are we just as much to blame for the escalation of this issue if we’re not going to stand up and protect our own? I dunno.

    Good topic. You’ve certainly brought out my early morning rant (and on only one coffee, too–that can be pretty dangerous, but I think I managed to rein it in).

  9. Crikey someone from Homeland Security…gah!! I use the library sooooo much. I even use their ebook service cause it is EASY PEOPLE!! Get yourself a library card and get a password and BAM! you can read a legal digital from your library. I am reading Hell on Wheels by Julie Ann Walker. Too easy. It goes to my Adobe Digital app and I read it. I get like a couple weeks for it. I even got rather bouncy today cause I got the latest Darynda Jones book # 5 in Charley Davidson. Squeee! I bought an Abbi Glines book from Big W today, I visited the library, makes me feel good to do the right thing. I have never gone to a piracy site as I would feel too nervous to do it. Any book an author gives me, stays with me ( digital ) Just got to be responsible people!! Yep! gotta pay for the doc, the mechanic, the groceries, same thing. You don’t take a toy and not pay for it. USE A LIBRARY they are easy. I just get a bit in trouble for being overdue…but that is another story…sshhh!! 🙂 Mich

  10. Aww Brigid that’s terrible. Really homeland security visited your page?
    I stick to Amazon, play books and authors websites. It’s kind of cool but kind of creepy that you can see where every blogger is lol. I hope you managed to do more about the other site and that it gets shut down soon.

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  12. I don’t have a book budget, so I read mostly ebooks from the library. It’s unfortunate, however, that the novellas (Elemental, Fearless, etc.) are only available as ebooks for purchase, and that libraries do not have them (at least, mine doesn’t). :/

  13. Hi

    I agree that that is not cool.

    Are your hard copies available in South Africa? I’d love to buy the entire elemental series if possible.

    Emz ♡

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