Exclusive Interview with AxelJordan, cover model for Spark and Breathless!!

Guys. GUYS. I am so excited. You know how you all ask me who the models on the covers of the Elemental novels are? I have one of them right here. In my bedroom.

Okay, that last line isn’t true. Well, it kinda is, because I have a bunch of his pictures here.


See? HOT.

AxelJordan is the model from the cover of Spark and Breathless. Yes, I will admit that I have often held up Spark at book-signings and swooned. (I’ve also held up Spirit and asked if there’s any way they could have found tighter, whiter pants for Hunter, but I digress.) He can describe himself better than I can, so here’s his bio, which I unabashedly stole from his Facebook page. (Which you should be following.)

A Native New Yorker, AxelJordan is an up & coming artist paving his way in today’s music industry. With a talent of musicianship, a passion for melodies, a desire to move and a love of experience, his music sets a tone of R&B while keeping you moving like only pop music can. While in production of his album, his Debut single “RELEASE YOU” is a great first note on what AxelJordan brings to music today; Fresh, Edgy and undeniable talent.

AxelJordan is amazing, because in addition to being handsome and talented, he’s agreed to answer some reader questions here on the blog.

1) Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? How long have you been modeling? How did you get into it?

Hello Readers 🙂

Let’s see, I’m originally from NYC. Home of dreams and possibilities! Raised in Brooklyn NY and currently living in Manhattan. I went to performing arts school since I was in grade school. Always pretty much performed. Got into modeling because as a kid I was always interested in trying new things. Just imagine, I was a lil kid with big eyes, always smiling and asking questions. The intrigue alone was enough to get me going. Then I started doing commercials & print work. Was a great way of learning how to appreciate being in front of the camera. And anything creative was worth a shot.

photo2) Do you have a girlfriend? (You know you’re going to break a lot of hearts if you say yes. :-D)
HAHA! Well, I wouldn’t want that! And no, no girlfriend at the moment. I am currently single. A lot of girls in NYC but I like to hold out for the special ones.

3) Are you on any other book covers?
Not yet!. But since SPARK came out, I have gotten a few offers. Mainly from writers I know who were not so happy about me not being on their covers. I told them they were too late and you beat them to it! 😉

4) Have you read Spark or any of the other books in The Elemental Series? Do you plan to?
Yes, I’ve read Spark & Breathless. I plan on reading the others. My mom & sisters have beat me to it and fill me in on some of what I’m missing but I do want to read them myself.

5) If you’ve read the books, do you think you’re more like smart, bookish Nick, or more like athletic smartass Gabriel?
West 4th Station SignA little of both actually. Gabriel is often times misunderstood. He means well but sometimes his execution isn’t his best. I’ve felt that way before so I can relate to his character. Plus, I think we all have a little bit of a badass streak … Like Gabriel, I tend to let it out more then the normal person.

I can also relate to Nick. He seems more calm & focused. I do like to live on the wild side but with a certain amount of control. I don’t go too far over the edge. I know my limits and although I like to test them, I’m looking to expand, not break them.

6) What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? (That you’ll admit…)
Let’s see …. I would have the say the craziest thing I’ve ever done was show a cop my fake ID. I was underage & drinking (not leading by example) and a cop asked to see my ID. I showed him my fake ID. The officer thought it was a good try but took me “downtown” to the precinct and put me in a cell for a few hours. I was nervous at first but the officer and most of the precinct got a kick out of me and thought I was pretty ballsy for doing that. After they reprimanded me for a few hours we all had some good laughs about it. As punishment, I was ordered three days of community service.

That was my run in with the law & I’m not looking for another!!!

Breathless - an Elemental novella by Brigid KemmererBreathless - an Elemental novella by Brigid Kemmerer7) Tell us a high school memory.
High School for me, like most people, had its awesome moments and moments that were pretty tough. I went to a Performing Arts School here in the city. I studied hard & I performed even harder. As kids into teenagers, we are taking our first steps at finding ourselves. By time High School comes, we have really started to form our roots. For me, I think I knew who I was and who I wanted to be, which was awesome, but it also made me oftentimes very different from my peers.

Going to that type of school, I was surrounded by peers who were talented, fun, creative and very competitive. I enjoyed a lot of it but I also didn’t always find the same things interesting. For example, some of my musical classes were formed around performing; Choosing songs to sing at auditions or for shows. Most of which were ‘Broadway’ type songs. I always had a hard time with those classes. My preference was to sing something on the radio or something I wrote and that didn’t exactly go over well. I sorta became the king of detention. Detention in my high school was a place students got sent when they didn’t fit into their “Major” anymore. It was a room full of performers who had their own ideas of expression and creativity. Whether they were drama, music or dance majors, we all were together in that room everyday.

At first, I sorta felt rejected. I mean, it’s like the general population was the rest of the school and we were all confined to sit in solitary because we had different ideas. That feeling didn’t last too long though. Eventually I realized I was too bold and too creative to fit into any box. I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

From that experience, I learned I would always be confronted with the ideas of what others would like for me and that it’s my job to be everything I am without limitation.

8) Do you like cookies? Where should my baking-oriented readers send them? 😛motorcycle
I LOVE COOKIES! I love fresh baked cookies straight from the oven. But I don’t want to eat them alone. So I’ll come over to you and we’ll hang out while they bake! Or meet in the park and lay on the grass. You bring the cookies, I’ll bring the milk! Deal?

9) Do you have any tattoos? Where? Can you show us?
Yeah, I’m sorta tattoo’d up. Have 9 now. Different places. Back, Shoulders, Arms, Chest … You can see most of em easily seen in videos or pictures. Most.

10) You’re an artist yourself, having just released a single. What do you think of the creative life?
It’s the only type of life for me to live! I think each person has something particular in their life set for them. Of course it’s up to them whether they drive towards or away from purpose and either way, I appreciate all the choices people make.

The way I see it is … Doctors, Lawyers, Agents, Engineers, Salesclerk … all these things are necessary and need great, driven people to fill those roles. For me, I’m an entertainer. I couldn’t be anything else even if I tried. I mean, of course I could do anything but the music wouldn’t get away from me. I’d be the Doctor who sings to his patients. Or the Lawyer who sings in the courtroom. No escape & I appreciate this about myself. I’m an artist. I’m here to create. To inspire and be inspired. And I am so grateful for that.

coverart11) Your single “Release You” is awesome. Who are your musical influences?
Thank you! I’m very proud of the “Release You”. As my debut single, I worked my butt off so the response has been incredibly rewarding. As a creative person also, you know what it’s like to put yourself out there with your novels. You know work and you know it’s worth. Their is strength in that. But nothing compares to the feeling you get when the public embraces you. Nothing prepares you for that.

As for my influences, it’s said often but it’s the truth; I listen to all music. Music to me has no filters. No barriers. POP, R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Country, Rock … I’ll listen to em all. You’ll find all the greats on my playlists; Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley … I could listen to or watch videos of these artist for hours. You can see and hear the freedom in their presentation. They wholeheartedly believe what they are expressing to the world. They are the music. I believe and am inspired by that.

Wow!! Are you guys swooning after some of those answers? Who wants to make cookies for AxelJordan now? (Who wants to do other things to AxelJordan? :-P)


Even if you’re not inclined to bake, you should totally check out his music. You can find AxelJordan in the following places:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/AxelJordan

Facebook: AxelJordan Music

And you should TOTALLY buy his debut single, RELEASE YOU: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/release-you-single/id607084479




8 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with AxelJordan, cover model for Spark and Breathless!!

  1. Ommmggggg he’s so sweet with the cookies thing. I can’t bake but I’ll buy packaged cookies and we’ll lay in the grass and dip the cookies in milk kay?

    I’m grinning at the answer to Q2 *cough*

    I also admire how driven he is and how he just seems to know what he’s doing with his life. I’m such a lostie.

    If ahhh you… let me release you onto the floor *cough*… can I see them tattoos? *Runs away*

    Lovely interview thank you Brigid!

  2. This interview is awesome! It is so inspiring to see people going for what they want in life, and working hard to achieve it – whatever the dream. Awesome!

    Also, that cookies answer actually reminded me of Nick and Gabriel’s flirty banter when they’re answering questions themselves. So obviously the people behind the covers chose the right model!

  3. Awesome interview! Aww, he’s such a sweetheart.
    And this part “Or meet in the park and lay on the grass. You bring the cookies, I’ll bring the milk! Deal?” *swoon*

  4. let me being by saying Im a proud mother of this young man love him very much and he have came along way in his journey and the cover of the book he on it just awesome since he was lil he loved to sing and he was in the boys Harlem chorus love my son very much and to me he was my lil star thank you Brigid! for choosing him for your cover you made the right choose my son axel jorden work very hard to be where he at now god bless you my son and love you so much your proud mother elisa lugo

  5. Oh my gosh, I loved this interview! He seems like a very great guy, and I wish him infinite success in the music industry and whatever else he does (more book covers, perhaps?) I like how he’s okay with not fitting into a box and just being himself.

    I’d love to see those tattoos and go to the park with him… 😉

    And of course, he’ll always be who I picture Gabriel as. 🙂

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