Hey, Australia. I need some recommendations. :-)

Good morning, all! I’m in need of some help from my Australian friends. A friend of mine is going to be in Brisbane this August (I think) while visiting his son at the University of Queensland. My friend has asked if anyone has any recommendations of where he should stay or things he should see while in Brisbane.

Any thoughts? Any suggestions? Let me know in comments.

(If your suggestion is that he bring me with him, I already tried that. No luck. :-P)

Thanks, guys!

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  1. Gold Coast (really close by to Brisbane) has some of the greatest theme parks. I’m in Melbourne but I’ve been on a holiday up there and the weather is hot hot hot! Even though its winter in Australia, I’m assuming it won’t be as cold but be prepared for some seriously harsh storms and all! If its not raining, apartments by the beach are idea.

  2. Hey Brigid, damn! hahaha, if only you could sneak into his suitcase hahaha, well, I have been to Brisbane before and it’s beautiful, although, I live in another state, so I don’t really know the place off by heart. This website should help, it has a ‘Things to Do’ section and an ‘Accommodation’ section 🙂 http://www.visitbrisbane.com.au/Travel/Default.aspx
    I don’t know how old your friend is, but you can never be too old for Theme Parks! There is SeaWorld, MovieWorld, DreamWorld and Wet ‘n’ Wild on the Gold Coast- they are pretty awesome! I hope this helped 🙂 I hope your friend has fun! 🙂 xx

  3. He should definatly go on one of the city cats that go up and down the Brisbane river. It’s the best way to see Brisbane, especially at night

  4. Gold Coast is 1h from Brissy and it has really good beaches. Also the theme parks: Movie World, Wet n Wild, Seaworld <- those 3 are together in that you can buy 1 pass and go to all 3 and they're right next to each other. Dreamworld and Whitewater World <- those 2 are together and right next to each other. I went to Gold Coast 2 years ago with friends and we chose Dreamworld/Whitewater World because the rides are more extreme – more intense roller coasters at Dreamworld and funner water rides at Whitewater. We stayed at Broadbeach which is like one of the best beaches, and the shopping centre there, Pacific Fair is really big so good for shopping too!

    I think a must is also the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns/near the Whitsundays (islands) – I'd love to go there myself what with the coral dying out! But not sure how snorkeling/swimming in August fares in QLD because it's still technically winter.

  5. I recommend he visits the museum and art gallery, the theme parks south towards the Gold Coast are fantastic, dreamworld also has a wide rang of animals. Through I live in the Gold Coast every Holiday I go up to Brisbane and visit the museum and the city, it is a fantastic place. I have enjoyed my stay at both the Mantra and at the Novotel, but these are not that close to The University of Queensland.

  6. Depending on how he is planning on getting around, Toowong is fairly close to St Lucia, and would have good accommodation. Check out Tripadvisor for a list of accommodation in the area and reviews to gauge if the rooms are any good.
    Depending on what things he likes, a trip to South Bank would be worthwhile (museum and art gallery are located there too). If he’d like to see Australian animals, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary isn’t too far from there either.
    A trip up to Mt Cootha Lookout would be worthwhile to see the view of the city (day or night).

    I hope he enjoys his stay.


  7. Draculas is a cabaret restaurant that not only has some pretty amazing food but a show as well. One of my favorite things every time I’m in Queensland. Highly recommend!

  8. Hey there, I come from Brisbane originally (‘BrisVegas’ we like to call it), and I think Sabina’s recs are good – the art gallery is awesome and Toowong is just out of the CBD, although there are plenty of nice places along the river. I would take a River Cat ferry, and go to the farmer’s markets, then do Mt Cootha. Also I’d check out Australia Zoo (a car trip) to get the full Steve Irwin-type Aus animals experience. Nice coffee, good weather, and the big park in Brisbane is lovely!

    Ellie xx

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