12 thoughts on “New site. So what do you think?

  1. Wow, SO loving the new site! Congrats Brigid and Sarah! AH-mazing job both of you! Very easy to navigate, elegantly simple yet visually stunning! I <3 the caffeine powered line and the stalk me tab! Also REALLY love the animation; hope you will be adding more pics and graphics to that soon…of yourself, hint hint. πŸ˜‰ The only suggestion I have is that when you are on the main homepage, the animation covers up the blog tab. Is there any way to move that up top with the others? But that really is such a minor issue. Completely blown away; it is truly truly FABulous!!

    • OK, so the issue was the browser. I normally use Google Chrome, which for some reason does not show the Blog tab until you click into something else. But I tried it in Mozilla and Explorer and it is PERFECT!

    • OK, so the fault seems to be in my browser, NOT with Sarah and Brigid! I use Google Chrome. I swear the blog tab doesn’t show up! I actually don’t like Google; they have a server farm in my hometown, so they block all other browsers for a 25 mile radius! So, I Skyped a friend who tried it on Chrome and it didn’t work for her; then she tried on Firefox and Explorer, and everything looks PERFECT there! So to sum up…don’t use Chrome and you’ll be fine! πŸ˜›

      • Seriously, the site is incredible. LOVING the new graphics this AM! God I hate Chrome! But seeing as I live like 2 miles from a Google server farm, they block EVERYTHING else but Google stuff within a 25 mile radius! #theevilthatisgoogle πŸ˜‰

      • OK, so this is embarrassing! I tried to comment like a couple of times (obviously as there are like 5,000 replies from me) πŸ˜› because in evil Chrome, it doesn’t show that my comment was posted! I hate Google. Seriously. Which begs the question then “WTF do you use Chrome??!!”

  2. OK, so the blog tab issue seems to be with Google Chrome, which I generally use. I opened it in Firefox and Explorer and everything looks PERFECT on those browsers. Anybody else notice this issue with Chrome?

  3. OK, so apparently the issue is with my browser. For some reason the blog tab does not appear with the other tabs on the homepage in Google Chrome, which I usually use. But I tried Firefox and Explorer and it shows up fine.

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