Twitter Chat for #SPARK!!

So guess what? We’re going to do a Twitter chat for Spark. 

You can ask me anything. Really. Anything. Questions about the Elemental Series, the publication process, how I exist entirely on caffeine, why I haven’t read the Harry Potter novels, how I feel about woolly mammoths, ANYTHING. I’m a pretty open person.

The hashtag will be #SPARK, so it’ll be pretty easy to follow.

I’m doing this at a time that will be convenient for both people in the USA and Australia, and hopefully for people all over the world who might want to participate.

There’s a countdown timer right there —>

You can click on the widget and it should take you right to the chat on Twitter. 

If you’re on the east coast of the USA, the twitter chat will be Saturday night, at 9pm.

If you’re on the west coast of the USA, the twitter chat will be Saturday night, at 6pm. 

If you’re in Sydney, Australia, the twitter chat will be Sunday morning, at 11am.

If you’re in Perth, Australia, the twitter chat will be Sunday morning, at 9am.

If you’re in England, you might be screwed. Unless you want to chat at 2am. (I’m sorry!)

Confused? ME TOO. Now I understand that Australia might be going through Daylight savings time this weekend, too? So my times might be off? Let’s make it easy.

Here’s a countdown timer: 

If the timer is still ticking, then it’s not time for the chat.

Or just follow me on Twitter, because I probably won’t shut up about it on Saturday.

I will also do my best to publish a transcript of the chat, so if you’re not able to make it during the official time, then I’ll post the Q&A for anyone who might be interested.

8 thoughts on “Twitter Chat for #SPARK!!

  1. I am so asking you why the eff you haven’t read the Harry Potter novels yet. You’d BETTER have a good excuse, ma’am.

    Also: I’M SUPER EXCITED FOR YOUR SUNDAY TWITTER DOMINATION!!! <3 There goes my plans for sleeping in 😀

  2. Haha! Well, I’m sure being the creative genius that she is, Brigid will have a Merrickworthily crafted excuse at the ready! Because there is NO actual excuse! lol Can’t wait! The chat will be AWESOME!!!

  3. Novels on the Run: Sydney began Daylight Savings Time this morning. It is now 11 hours ahead of GMT (UTC). Queensland, as ever, has been left behind at 10 hours ahead. 🙂 Be careful: 11 am Sunday, 7 October in Sydney will be 10 am in Brisbane.

  4. We don’t have daylight savings in QLD so I am pretty sure…* scratches head* until SYD get daylight saving, or has it happened already??? darn I better google:) QLD = SYD until daylight saving kicks in. …darn must google and see….lol!!


    Thanks anonymous for bringing to my attention ?

    • Well look at that! it’s 9.28 am here but 10.28am in Sydney. Sneaky Sydney just shot up an hour on me, lol! Must have happened last night? Thanks anonymous!!! I would have been late to the party, hehe!!


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