SUPER HUGE EXCITING NEWS (about someone else)

My friend Sarah Fine, who is an amazing writer, has a new book deal.

Ruta Rimas at Margaret K. McElderry Books has acquired at auction Sarah Fine’s Factory Ghost, a gothic YA novel about a 16-year-old girl who moves in with her father, the resident doctor for the town’s slaughterhouse, and discovers that the myth of the factory ghost may not be a myth at all. Publication is set for winter 2014. Kathleen Ortiz of New Leaf Literary & Media did the two-book deal for North American rights. 

Sarah describes it as:  It’s sort of like Phantom of the Opera meets Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, set in a fictional Asian society.

Now, I’ve never read The Jungle (shh, don’t tell my 12th grade English teacher), but I’m a huge fan of The Phantom of the Opera, and this book is full of the same epic awesomeness. When Sarah sent me the first few chapters of this book, I was like, “HURRY UP AND WRITE THE REST. NO, STOP CHATTING ME. WHY AREN’T YOU STILL WRITING? GET OFF GCHAT AND KEEP WRITING.”

Yes, it really was like that.

It’s just beautiful and timeless and amazing. The romance is amazing. The story is just one of those ones you want to hug to your body while you’re reading it. I feel compelled to say, WEN ALWAYS HAS MEDICINE. I want to make tee shirts with that line. The book is just amazing. It made me want to be a better writer. (Yes. Really.)

I could. not. put. it. down.

So I’m thrilled that it sold (though I had no doubt) at auction (again, I had no doubt), and that you can all read it in 2014.

I can’t believe you have to WAIT THAT LONG.

In case you didn’t know, Sarah is also the author of the forthcoming Sanctum: Guards of the Shadowlands series, which is also completely badass. You should check it out right now.


9 thoughts on “SUPER HUGE EXCITING NEWS (about someone else)

  1. I LOVE GHOST STORIES AND AMAZING ROMANCE AND BOOKS YOU WANT TO HUG THE INK OFF WHILE READING. 2014, you say? The publishing world is a cruel, cruel place.

    This sounds SO good and I am super intrigued! And the fact that one of my favourite writers is shrieking it’s praise? Yeah, 2014 better shake it’s butt here sooner.

    Huge congrats to Sarah!!

  2. Sure, tell us about it NOW when there’s absolutely nothing the rest of us can do about it. Fine. Be that way.

    (PS I read The Jungle a couple of times, but Phantom of the Opera is so poorly written I could never wade through it. It’s one of those rare books that actually turned out BETTER as a movie. In this case, even those old silent movies are an improvement.)

  3. Thank you :). This means I can order it from Book Depository in august? I’m so excited. I loved Storm and I can’t wait to read Spark :). I miss the Merrick brothers, Becca and Hunter.

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