Every reader counts. (i.e., how to make an author’s night) #RWA12

Last night, I attended the RWA Readers for Literacy signing at the Anaheim Convention Center. I’ve never been to this mega-signing before, and it’s my first RWA as a published author.

There were over 400 authors in attendance. While I know that a lot of people out there enjoy my books (and I love your emails, and your tweets, and you all make me want to cry with your enthusiasm for the brothers Merrick), I’m small potatoes. Really. I’m totally okay with that, too. I only have one book out, and I’m a relative newbie at this publishing game. I would have been okay with no one walking up to the table.

After I’d been sitting there for a half hour, this amazing young woman came up to me and started raving about Storm, and it seriously made me want to cry. I was sitting next to a New York Times bestselling author (Sharon Sala, who is amazing and sweet and fabulous), and she had a rather constant line, and I hadn’t talked to anyone yet.

So when Amber showed up and told me how much she loved Storm, it made my WHOLE ENTIRE NIGHT. She’s lucky I didn’t tackle her across the table. I was so excited that I gave her an ARC of Spark. I even signed it, with a message like, “Dear Amber, Thanks for making my night.” (Which I then decided looked kind of dirty. :-P)

Amber wasn’t the only person to come up to me last night, but she was the first. After she left, Sharon Sala turned to me and said, “I will never forget my first big group signing, when a woman was excited to see me. That was twenty years ago.”

So, Amber, thank you. I can guarantee I’ll remember you in twenty years, along with just about everyone else who came up to me last night.

All it takes is one reader. You’re all amazing. Thank you so much for being a part of my dream.

7 thoughts on “Every reader counts. (i.e., how to make an author’s night) #RWA12

  1. I love your post! Hehe! It was really great to meet you! I so appreciate the ARC of Spark too! I’m so excited to read it! And of course I loved the message you wrote. Haha! I was still talking about this experience this morning with my friend Vicki who was with me when we met you. She said “She was so nice” and I’m like “I know, right?!” I hope you know how many bloggers that have reviewed Storm rave about it and are super excited about Spark! Thank you again for everything!! <3

  2. That is so great! I live on the other side of the world but when i got you message back a couple of days ago i couldnt belive it! I wrote you that message the day after the australian release of Storm, i just happend to be in the shop when the sales attendent was putting them up and even though i hadnt heard of them but after reading the blurb i bought one then and there and couldnt put it down! i loved it and was so exited about the seiries i sent you a message that night. ok it was early morning i really couldnt put it down.
    I was so exited about your message i had to ring my friends and sister just to tell them a great author i liked had actully gotten my message and wrote me back! my husband thought it was really funny when he saw my face from across the room.
    Thank you for taking the time to write back, it was great and really made my day

  3. Really wish I could have been there! If you ever come down towards Dallas, I’m totally jumping in line. I’m so glad you had a wonderful experience, you certainly deserve it. Many more to come at future signings, I’m sure! P.S. – Quite giving me signs, I’m going to get the book already! (J/K, but seriously. My name is Amber and my birthday is August 28th. The irony is not lost on me. =) )

  4. Glad to see I am not the only one in Australia loving this series. I loved the novella ‘Elemental’ and was totally hooked after reading Storm. I was stoked too when Brigid sent my a reply after I posted a comment. Don’t foreget to mark your calendar for the next novella “Fearless’ which comes out on Tuesday and then ‘Spark’ at the end of August.

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