Big day!! Book Club Chat, and Fearless releases tomorrow! And a #GIVEAWAY!!!

Hey, guys! I’m on a plane home from RWA.

It was awesome. I am tired.

But I have exciting news:

Tonight, at 9pm EST, you can participate in the Smart Bitches Trashy Books Book Club chat over at Even if you’ve never visited the site, it should be a great chat, and Sarah is an amazing hostess. I’m so excited that Storm is the book of the month for July.

Also, tomorrow is the release day for Fearless! This is a short story from Hunter’s point of view, and it takes place before he moves to town and meets the Merricks in Storm. If you have not yet read Storm, you can still read Fearless! Fearless is e-book only, so it will NOT be available at the back of Spark. If you want to read it, you’ll have to download it to your Kindle, Nook, Smartphone, Computer Screen, or any other device you can think of.

Fearless is available:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Elsewhere, but I don’t have links yet…

So here’s the giveaway:

Take a picture of yourself reading any of the books/novellas in The Elemental Series, post it on Facebook, and tag me in it (that part is important!), and I’ll send you a signed cover proof of Spark. If I get 100 tagged photos, I’ll pick two random winners and send them a finished copy of Spark.

Got it? Take picture, tag it on Facebook, get signed and IMMENSELY HOT AND SHINY picture of Gabriel. (The gif to the left doesn’t do it justice. Seriously, I had a copy at the signing on Saturday, and women were picking it up and pawing at it.) 

(If you bought Storm / Elemental / Fearless on an E-Reader, just take a picture of your darling face next to the cover screen. :-P)

Right now this is open internationally, unless the postage costs start to kill me.

So there you go! Start tagging! I can’t wait to meet you all on Facebook!

16 thoughts on “Big day!! Book Club Chat, and Fearless releases tomorrow! And a #GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Sorry, how do we tag you? :/ Do we add you as a friend, or “like” your page and do it that way (if it can be done…)?

  2. Things are really rolling fast for you. That’s so fun. I’m glad your publisher is willing to keep bringing the books out quickly so that readers don’t forget the storyline, as happens so very often when it’s a year between books.

  3. *kicks self* I totally missed the chat, but I came in later and READ it. SO much fun!
    Also, tomorrow is TODAY in Australia. I WANT IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW *refreshes Amazong* WHY IT NO WORKY? Can’t wait for it come through to my Kindle ^__^

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