The Merricks are about to take the country by #Storm. Literally.

So if you haven’t noticed, I’ve got a little tab doohicky up there that says Appearances.

But here’s what’s cool.

On June 30, I’ll be in Alexandria, Virginia, at an AWESOME bookstore called Hooray for Books (could that bookstore have a cooler name?!), signing with Elizabeth Scott, Alethea Kontis, and Diana Peterfreund. You get FOUR YA AUTHORS at one location.

On July 28, I’ll be in Los Angeles, California, at an AWESOME bookstore called Vroman’s, signing with fellow KTeen authors Nina Berry (it’s her launch party!) and Marni Bates! THIS EVENT PROMISES TO BE EPIC. There will be FOOD. And GIVEAWAYS. And FOOD. And CHAMPAGNE. And GIVEAWAYS. Seriously, just come to eat and get sloshed (if you’re over 21) or pretend to get sloshed on cider (if you’re not).

So there you have it. Within the period of 30 days, I’ll be doing two big events on opposite sides of the continent. If the Merrick brothers are going to take the country by Storm, we’re going to start from the outside in.

(I also have the RWA Literacy for Life event, and some signings at two teen book festivals in August, but more on those later…you can always find details on the Appearances tab above.)

8 thoughts on “The Merricks are about to take the country by #Storm. Literally.

  1. How exciting to be traveling around like that. Every time I stop by, your blog gets bigger, brighter, and is packed full of more things. Best wishes for you to take the country by ‘storm.’ 😀

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