16 thoughts on “SPARK on NetGalley!

    • I saw your review on Goodreads! I have a personal policy not to interfere on there, but your review is the first one I’ve read, and it made my day. Thank you so much!! 😀

  1. I think my sanity is gone. I requested this title on netgalley and i swear, have been checking my email for the reply from the publishers every five seconds. OH SANITY, WHERE HAS THOU FLED!!??
    Off to check my email, please nice publishers from Kensingston, please APPROVE SPARK!!!
    -a crazed fangirl/blogger

  2. About the link: it said that the publisher had not approved me. Was the link meant to be instant access, if so I have failed…Is there anything I can do to get approved(sell my soul?), I am hanging in a limbo, just wondering…

    • I’m not entirely sure how NetGalley works, but I do know you have to be approved by Kensington before they’ll release the book to you. My publicist is approving all legitimate book bloggers. If you shoot me an email with your contact information, I’m happy to forward it over to her so she can approve you. My email addy is brigidmary@gmail.com.

  3. It’s been a week and I haven’t got any reply yet 🙁
    I just finished with Storm and I’m so impatient to start with Spark. Urgghhh…this waiting is torturous!

  4. hey, just finsihed reading elemental .5 and storm. Couldn’t stop reading your books. I sent a request at netgalley to view spark….thanks in advance

  5. HOLY CRAP!! I just requested this from Netgalley! Fingers crossed I will get a reply soon! 😀 Btw…..can I just I love your books! sooooo GOOOD! I can’t decide which brother I am in love with! LOL ;p Yeah…you could say I am having a malfunction! O_o

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