Congratulations to…

Sarah N. Fernandes and Lana L. are the winners of the SPARK ARC!!

Both winners have been notified by email. 

Thank you all so much for entering! I wish I could send everyone a copy. Please stay tuned for more chances to win this summer!

6 thoughts on “Congratulations to…

  1. I’m bitter. Bitter like a coffee bean mooshed with wild chicory.

    I WANTED TO WIN!! ARGG!!!!!!

    But really, congratulations to the winners! Please don’t try to rub it *too* much in our faces ;-p

  2. Congratulations :). Can’t wait to read the first reviews on Spark. I need some Spark news(spoilers) until it’s relesed. God, I need it so much.
    I loved Storm and now I’m obssessed :)))

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