Super-exclusive awesome contest

So you know how Storm is being published almost simultaneously in the US and Australia, right?

And you know how I’ve already had a book signing, so there are around 100 copies of signed US copies floating around in the ether, right? (Well, they’re not really floating. And there’s no ether. But you get the gist.)

There are NO signed Australian editions right now. None. 

Do you want one? 

How about if I throw in some of Hunter’s rock bracelets? (They are awesome.)

All you have to do is download the prequel, Elemental. Best part? IT’S FREE.

And it will only be free for a limited time.

Bottom line:

1) Download Elemental from your favorite e-book retailer. It’s free. You do not need an e-book reader; even Amazon has a cloud reader.
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes Store (I can’t find a working link for that, but I hear it’s free there.) 

2) Leave a comment telling me you’ve downloaded the free prequel. 

3) Wait to see if you win. I’ll announce winners on Monday, May 7th, at 8am EST.

This contest is open to everyone on the planet. If you’ve already downloaded the prequel, you can still enter. If you’ve already read STORM, you can still enter. (You just have to download the prequel separately. It doesn’t count if you read the prequel as part of the book.)

To enter, leave a comment that you’ve downloaded the prequel. If you’re selected as a winner, please be prepared to email me a confirmation showing that you downloaded the prequel PRIOR to Monday, May 7th, at 8am. (Meaning, don’t just leave a comment and then wait to download if you’re the winner. You must download before the contest concludes.)

You could have the ONLY signed Australian edition of Storm in existence. What are you waiting for? Go! Download!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes Store (I can’t find a working link for that, but I hear it’s free there.)

59 thoughts on “Super-exclusive awesome contest

  1. I’ve downloaded the prequel!
    So excited to read this book; I’ve followed the whole blog tour! Sooooo worth it 😀
    Alyssa Susanna


    LUCKY LITTLE HUMANS! We Australians don’t even have signed versions!

    Hehe, I downloaded Elemental when it first became available. It was TOTALLY worth the 99c. Seriously, I’d have paid $9.99 for it. It’s by this AMAZING AUTHOR, called Brigid Kemmerer, did you know? Ahaaha! Good luck to the winner! *signs own copy so not to feel left out*

  3. Oh, Brigid. You do know how to get us all excited. A signed Aussie book? I definitely want 😛

    I downloaded (and read) Elemental a few weeks ago. Amazing little teaser for Storm!

  4. YES and YEs…I have read and downloaded and reviewed on blog before it was a freebie…darn it..haha! But worth every cent. Loved it!!

    Now I am like entering every competition I can find for Storm….hungry monkey for it:D:D


  5. I *just* heard about this book and OMG it may as well have my name written all over it!!! I’ve downloaded the prequel and will be reading in about 30 seconds time” Thank you for the opportunity to win :)))


  6. I loved Storm; I couldn’t put it down and read it in two days. I am an English teacher from the great Downunder and I spent my breaks with my nose buried in this book. In fact, a number of my students had also read Storm so we sidetracked off our current topic (Othello) and looked at the injustices within this book’s school environment, comparing it to those in our own school. Not surprisingly, schools don’t differ that much; it’s just the degrees/types of bullying that goes on that differs. Of course, we discussed our favourite characters too 😉 and made arguments for what we believed really happened in the quarry. Now that I’ve downloaded the prequel, I can’t wait to see who was right, if any of us. Well done. I would love to have a signed copy for my resources. Bring on, Spark!

    • I love teachers! Even if you don’t win the signed Aussie edition, I’m happy to send you a US copy (which includes “Elemental” at the back) for your classroom. If you see this comment, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. And I’m honored to hear my book was a topic for classroom discussion! Thank you so much! You made my night!

  7. Downloaded it when I won it from Brodie’s mini twitter contest thing lol! Love Storm, this will be an excellent bday pressie for my BFF 🙂

  8. I downloaded it and OMG!! Im SO going to dive into its pages like.. like NOW! thank you so much for this awesome contest!! I have only heard wonderful praises about Storm! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to read it! ^.^

    thanks again for the awesome giveaway! ^________^

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