If you’re looking for my maiden name…

For whatever reason, I’ve gotten several hits on my website from Westminster, Maryland seeking my maiden name.

This is what I look like. Mostly.

If it were any other state, I’d write it off as someone up to nefarious things, and I’d ignore it. But that’s fairly local, and I love connecting with people I used to know.

Then again, I don’t want scammers knowing my maiden name, nor do I want this one guy I dated once to ever track me down, so I’m not going to fling it out there on my public website.

My maiden name starts with B. If you think you know me, shoot me an email at brigidmary@gmail.com or friend me up on Facebook. Or follow me on Twitter @BrigidKemmerer.

Heck, even if you don’t know me, I love meeting new people. Bring on the talk!

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