So I’m building a tab for frequently asked questions.

I’m astounded that there actually ARE frequently asked questions.

Anything you’d like to see on the list? This is a work in progress. Any questions about the Elemental Series? About characters? About writing? Any questions about me? (Though I’m hardly exciting.)

Also, I saw this quiz about the Elemental Series that someone created on Goodreads, and it was the highlight of my day. Can you get all the questions right?

(Okay, seriously, for me, I had to really think about a few.)

8 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Hmm…here are a few questions for you! First, I love your series and tell everyone about it! Had to tell you that!! And your covers are awesome!
    Here goes:
    -How did you name the Merrick brothers?
    -Are you writing another series or any standalone books?
    -Will you be doing any book tours or signings, and if so, where?
    Thanks! Good luck with your FAQs!

  2. Ooo! That’s great that someone came up with a quiz!
    Hmm, questions…
    Who did you based the Merrick brothers after?
    Are you going to add a forth book with Nick as the main character so each of the brothers have a chance to shine?
    What is your favorite thing about living in Maryland? (i still can’t believe we live in the same state!)
    What are the books that changed you life forever?
    What is your most hilarious high school memory?
    That was fun!
    Have a wonderful night!
    Can’t wait for Spark! (its going to be my Waiting on Wednesday next week!)

  3. This is insanely exciting. And of COURSE you get a frequently asked questions! You’re a frequently amazing author! ^__^

    Maybe an answer about Nick getting his own book, and how many more there will be? They seem to pop up a bit πŸ˜‰

  4. When the are short stories/novellas are set in realtion to the series (is Fearless after Storm? Before? I’m not sure :/). And for those who don’t know, which guy the books/short stories/novellas cover.

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  5. Amazing book series Brigid. I adore the books. My only question is: Will the series continue? Because I can really see a few more books about the future of the Guides moving on from tradition and the Merricks getting on with life.

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