The STORM Blog Tour!


You guys.

A bunch of bloggers have put together an international blog tour for Storm. I wasn’t even going to do a blog tour, but they put it together, and I just couldn’t say no. They’re amazing. It starts tomorrow, and it’s epic. I could not have put together something like this myself. These bloggers … they’re amazing. (I mean, one of them made the banner you see above. EPIC.)

Please be sure to visit their blogs for your chances to win!! Good stuff lies ahead…

Over the next nine days, nine bloggers are very excited to be bringing you the Storm Blog Tour! Tune in to your feeds and favorite blogs for never before seen character interviews, a video chat, an interactive Q&A with Brigid, and an exclusive excerpt from Storm itself! If that’s not exciting enough, there are fourteen massive prize packs up for grabs, both AU/NZ and internationally! Check out tour dates below, and be sure to tune in to each stop to enter the giveaway!

Giveaway Packs:
 International Prize Pack 1:Elemental (ebook) + Storm + Spark preorder 
 International Prize Pack 2:  Elemental (ebook) + Storm + Spark ARC
 International Prize 3:Copy of Storm + Spark Pre-order  
Australian Prize Pack: Storm ARC + Spark preorder  
Australia/New Zealand Prize Packs (10 winners):1 copy of STORM + 1 STORM book jacket  + 1 SPARK book jacket Thanks to Allen & Unwin and Brigid!!

Monday 23rd April:  Chris/Becca/Hunter Interview – Read Me Love Me Bookmark Me 
Tuesday 24th April: This or That with the Boys of Storm – Shiirleyy’s Bookshelf 
Wednesday 25th April: Fantasy Casting – saz101 
Thursday 26th April: Brigid Q&A: YOU ask the questions! – Eleusinian Mysteries 
Friday 27th April: Keeping up with the Merrick Twins + Review Roundup – Badass BookieSaturday 28th April: Storm Excerpt – Forget-Me-Not 
Sunday 29th April: Video chat – Book Probe 
Monday 30 April:  Chris Interview – Reading Wishes
Tuesday 1st May:
Guest Post by Brigid: Five Secrets of the Elemental Series – Amaterasu Reads

I’ll be posting reminders every day, along with my regularly scheduled (HA!) blogging, so there’s no chance you’ll miss anything. Definitely tune in for the video chat so you can tell me whether I should keep my hair short or let it grow back out. Oh, and I’ll probably talk about the book, too. But ALL the posts are awesome. Check it out. You’ll have a good time.   
And all my book blogger friends, you guys are amazing. I can’t thank you enough.

8 thoughts on “The STORM Blog Tour!

  1. This was such an amazing thing that these guys did. Obviously they are just as “blown away” (sorry, couldn’t resist:) by Storm down under as we are here. This is an awesome and WELL DESERVED tribute! Can’t wait to experience everything!

  2. I am so excited! All your posts are AMAZING! You’ve been so. freaking. awesome working on all of these, words can’t describe how grateful we are for authors like you <3


  3. Just… EEEEEEEEEEEEE! Brigid, it’s an HONOUR to be a part of it, and I’m SOOO excited for the tour! Honestly, it’s all YOU! Your posts, your interviews, your… YOU AND YOUR AMAZING! ♥♥♥♥♥

    Thank YOU!!!

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