Book release day! *~confetti~*

It’s book release day! Storm is officially out in the world!

I cried all the way to work yesterday*, because I’m so touched that people are reading my work. It’s one thing to spend a year (or more) writing a book in a darkened basement; it’s entirely another to know your characters are out in the world.

I know what the economy is like (hey, I work in finance), so it’s a lot easier for me to encourage you to go download the free short story Elemental. Give it a try. Then, if you’re interested in Storm and you have some spare cash, and you want to throw a little support my way, it’s less than ten bucks in whatever format you buy it in, wherever books are sold. (Hey, if you’re not a reader, you can always give it to someone who is.)

Storm: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indiebound | Books-a-Million | Kobo | And many more!

And if you still haven’t downloaded Elemental (it’s FREE!!), please take a look.
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes Store (I can’t find a working link for that, but I hear it’s free there.)

And I’m all over the internet again!

Shirley has another character interview over on her blog as part of the Epic Blog Tour, where the twins threaten to pin Chris down and … well, you’ll have to read it.

I missed a link yesterday, where I was talking about music and its influence on my writing (including links to badass songs on YouTube), including a chance to win a copy of Storm. Go visit!

FINALLY, I’m giving away two 20-page critiques for YA authors over on Kat’s blog, as part of her Crits for Water campaign. Kat is incredible, and she’s running a huge blog event to raise money for clean water. It’s truly incredible, and worth a look. Please consider pledging for a chance to win a critique. I’m honest and fair and not mean, I promise!! 

* – Yes, I really did cry. My husband actually called me while I was sobbing, and he kept saying, “Oh my god, what’s wrong? HON. WHAT’S WRONG?” And when I finally got out, “I’m just so happy that people are reading my book,” I could practically hear him rolling his eyes on the other end of the phone.

6 thoughts on “Book release day! *~confetti~*

  1. And now the world can do a fangirl squee along with the rest of us! This is such a huge day for you, and a splendid day for the world! Storm has it all…hot boys and romance that brings the pop princess 14 year old girl in all of us to it AND a KICKASS story with the most amazing and heartbreakingly beautiful characterizations that makes the discerning adult in us stay! It is truly a wondrous book in so many ways, but especially in the most important way: It is simply a DAMN good read!!! And pay no heed to your husband…he is such a BOY! 😛 Which just means he was probably crying in the shower about it so you couldn’t hear him!!

  2. Huge congrats to you! It must be a thrilling and validating time. I’m so happy for you — Good luck always! (I still remember the help you gave me at the beginning of my last book — you’re awesome!)
    ~ Laura C.

  3. i just finished storm even though tomorrow is the first day of school and really i should be in bed…but i had to write and say that I LOVED IT! i love your writing style, and the brothers! and hunter! and Casper! the way you kept me guessing (even when things were all suspicious-looking) and how easy it was to fall in love with all the characters because they all felt real and unique. anyway, guess im gushing, right? im from australia by the way, so im not sure how long it will be untill i can get a paperback, but yeah, thanks for the awesome book and im so happy that you wrote something so fun to read (even if i did read it…er…very quickly)

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