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So for the last year or so, I’ve been “under a deadline.” This is a distinctly different feeling from when I could just write for fun.

Back then, if I wanted to take two weeks off from writing, it wasn’t a big deal. Tired? Skip writing for the night. Husband wants to go see a movie? Skip writing for a night.

Now that there’s a contract with my signature on it, that’s not so much an option.

My deadline for Spirit is going to make me write a book faster than I ever have before. I’m not worried about that — I don’t think I’ll lose any quality, because I have the entire book mostly outlined, and I’ve learned a lot from writing the previous books. I get faster with each one.

But in working the day job (yes, I still have one) and raising the kids (yes, I still have them), I’ve decided I need to make some hard and fast goals about my writing to make sure I meet this deadline.

Some people have daily goals, and that’s too rigid for me. If I miss a day, I’m already behind! I need to be able to work around kids and husband and day job.

So I’ve decided to settle on a goal of 7,000 words per week. That will let me finish a first draft by early summer and give me plenty of time to refresh and revise and send it in to my editor.

Do you guys have writing goals? What are they? How to you hold yourself to them?

3 thoughts on “Writing goals

  1. Here’s my trick: I email my manuscript to myself as a backup and I leave a message for myself each time. Sometimes it’s positive and cheery. Keep up the good work, etc. But there’s nothing like reading, GET BACK TO WORK, SLACKER to keep me churning out the pages.

    As for word count: I feel like a success if I hit 1k every day. Actually, I feel guilty as hell because i have neither a day job nor children. But I’m trying to be okay with it.

  2. Wow. Day job, kids, AND writing. I don’t know how you handle all that.
    It might seem that a self-published writer like me wouldn’t have deadlines, but I’ve been under pressure all year, first with the Half-Vamp book and then with the sequel. Who’s pressuring me? The school librarian. But, since he’s also making book trailers for me and is my biggest customer, I can’t really complain. 🙂

  3. On a good day I get *maybe* 2 hours of
    uninterrupted writing time. I have to make every minute count. For me, I try to get in 1k per day. Sometimes that’s not realistic, but 7k per week sounds perfect. Good luck!

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