Provocative reading

I read two fascinating industry posts last night.

This one, by JA Konrath, talks about how Amazon is getting ready to take over the world.

This one, by Richard Curtis, compares self-publishing (as an industry) to one big Ponzi scheme.

I found both these articles very interesting — if a little extremist. I know Rachelle Gardner mentioned them on her blog, but just in passing, asking if anyone was interested in the discussion.

I’m very interested in the discussion. So I’ll throw it out to you guys.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Provocative reading

  1. I disagree that selfl-publishing is a ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme. In a ponzi scheme, there is never really a product to sell; what one sells is the right to sell to others, which is why it can only exist for a small amount of time. In self-publishing, there is something to be bought and sold. (And really, very few people are making it rich that way. I’m certainly not, but I’m really enjoying it anyway.)

  2. I’m not awake enough to have a long discussion, but I just read this article which gives another prospective. One, alas, I think is dead on.

    What ebooks remind me of a great deal is the war–and it was a war–for which system would be the gaming platform of choice back in the day. The difference is that instead of the distribution of information is at stake, not just how cool the graphics are as you kill aliens.

    There are people who firmly believe ebooks will save publishing. I’m not one of them. Not a fan to be honest. This war for supremacy and who controls content could end up killing publishing all together.

    But I might be a little cynical. 😉

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