Odds and ends and book stuff

First, I hope you’re all doing well, and that you’re having a nice weekend. Are you all getting ready for The Hotties of Literature Blog Event on March 15?

If not, WHY NOT?

Second, I’ve started getting some interview requests from book bloggers, and I want to emphasize that I LOVE HEARING FROM BOOK BLOGGERS. You are all awesome. You’re my people. If you’d like some material for your blogs, I’m happy to do interviews, guest posts, vlogs, dance the meringue, vacuum your house, and possibly drive your children around town.

Well, I’m happy to do the first three. The latter three … we’ll talk.

Third, if you have an ARC for STORM, and you’re wondering whether you’re ready to dive in, I want to let you know that there’s a short story prequel at the back, called Elemental. You can read this before or after you read the whole novel. But if you’re looking for a quick taste of my writing wrapped up in a complete story, you’ll find it at the back of the book.

The rest of you can read this short story on April 1, when it will be available for FREE, in ebook form.

Finally, here’s a little pic to get your imaginations charged for March 15…

Pretty much any picture of boys together reminds me of The Elemental Series.

7 thoughts on “Odds and ends and book stuff

  1. Hey, I think I taught that kid in the middle last year! Or at least his little brother. 🙂

    I’m excited for your free prequel. I’ve been reading your blog forever, you know, and hearing about your books for at least that long.

    And, well, if I can’t convince you to do the vacuuming for me, I’d love to do author interview stuff! That would be so cool. Maybe we should interview each other. 🙂 It’d be nice to have interview questions that weren’t pre-scripted, as on most blogs.

  2. WOW. That photo actually is extremely, er, scintillating… to my eyes at least. Haha. 😀 And I hadn’t heard about Elemental, the novella! Definitely looking forward to that.

    Oh, and I dig the new header!

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