Cedar Summit Play Set (One year later)

He still looks happy.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that my big purchase when I sold my first novel was the Cedar Summit Play Set from Costco. I wrote a review about our experiences putting it up. and it’s consistently my most frequently visited post. Really, I think my blog traffic would be cut in half if I deleted that post.

(I’m not even kidding.)

Because I’m a mom, and because I do think people should do their research before buying something like this, I wanted to do a “one year later” post so people would know how well it held up.

The swingset looks almost as good as it did when it was brand new. We had two hurricanes last year (in addition to unusually heavy rainfall), and there’s minimal fading of the cedar color. Even the steps to the clubhouse, which get a lot of use, are barely faded. The slide is still bright yellow, and there’s no fading that I can see. The swings, chains, and hardware all look great. There’s not a single spot of rust that I can see. There’s a slight creaking noise when my son (55 lbs) swings hard, but the set doesn’t rock or sway at all. It’s very sturdy. None of the bolts seem loose or weak.

Minimal fading.

All in all, I think it was a great purchase. Considering the Rainbow play systems were about five times as expensive, I think we definitely got our money’s worth.

(Oh, and as you may recall, I was pregnant back then. This is what the baby looks like now. I think we got our money’s worth with him, too.)

10 thoughts on “Cedar Summit Play Set (One year later)

  1. We have a set in our yard too from the home’s previous owners. It’s at least seven years old and still works/looks great. The only thing that needs to be replaced is the trapeze thing. It cracked, but I think the whole thing was worth the money! Especially since it wasn’t mine.

  2. Hi Brigid, I am an emerging writer and came across your blog while surfing for agent advances. Just telling you cuz I thought you’d like to know how I found you. πŸ™‚

    BTW – as a mom of 14-yr twins, I really love the way you posted all the pics and gave helpful hints then a one-yr later pic and quality update – super idea and sounds like you’ve helped a lot of people with it.

  3. Thank you sooo much for posting this update about the cedar summit playset!!! We are in the market and it is do difficult to decide on this type of product! It’s not like a microwave, a shirt, a toy, etc. that can be easily returning it doesn’t hold up as promised. However; most reviews are usually within 2-8 weeks of purchase-unreliable in my book!!
    I’m still not quite sure if cedar summit will be our choice, Gorilla brand is looking pretty good too but your review was so helpful! Thanks so much again & for including details related to what playset purchasers are wondering about when we are about to plop down a large chunk of cash!!

    • So, what did you end up buying? We’re looking for a play set right now. I saw the Cedar Summit Summestone play set on the Sam’s Club website, but I just missed the $200 off deal they had going on. πŸ™

      • Hello there! we actually went with the Cedar Summit brand-Clarington design.
        We purchased it from Costco for $999.99 plus tax. It retails for about $1300.00.
        It has so many features for the price. The only drawback is that this playset at this price is not available online from Costco so no free delivery. 5 boxes and 3 of them are super heavy!!! We have a good friend with a truck so for little bit of gas money he brought it home for us.
        We are going to assemble it next week.

  4. How is your Cedar Summit play set holding up now, a few years later? We are considering one from Costco vs. a TreeFrogs, which is over double the price….my gut is telling me the more expensive one. Can you comment on your CS set now? Thanks!

    • Hi, Emily,

      It’s awesome. My husband I were just commenting that it’s amazing how well it has held up. We’ve had it for five years and we’ve since had another kid, and it gets a LOT of hard use, especially swinging, and it’s held up like a champ. One of the best purchase decisions we’ve ever made.

      I hope this helps! Good luck!

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