Go ahead. Ask me anything.

So I don’t have a FAQ tab. That’s mostly because I get a lot of questions about the books, but I wouldn’t consider any of them frequent.

I’ve been toying with some post ideas (how to work with an editor, how to maintain tension from chapter-to-chapter, how I once went out with a guy who asked if I wanted to see a certain something in the men’s room, etc), but then I realized that I haven’t asked you guys what you might be interested in learning.

So here’s your chance. Any questions floating around the blogosphere? About me? About the books? About my book deal? About why I got stuck behind the elderly couple at Giant today, and for some reason they were buying $400 worth of food, yet trying to pay with coins? (Friends of yours, Bobbie?)

I’ll answer just about anything. Ready, set, go.

5 thoughts on “Go ahead. Ask me anything.

  1. Have you ever considered teaming up to write a short story? Say with…Marni Bates. On Twitter!

    I think that has a lot of potential 🙂

    Here’s a more serious question: Do you ever worry about censorship with your novels? Have you ever felt pressure to make your characters sound more G-rated?

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