Small surprises

I love leaving small surprises for people. Not like gifts, but things that might make their day a tiny bit easier. For instance, I love emptying the dishwasher, yet leaving the “clean” light on, so when my husband goes to empty it, there’s no work to be done. I love paying twice the toll at toll booths, and telling the operator that I’d like to pay for the car behind me. I don’t have time to do big things, like volunteer (hello, two jobs and two kids), and I don’t have the money to do big things like philanthropy. (Though my husband hates when charities get me on the line, because I almost always give them money. And don’t get me started on when the fire department comes to the door.)

But then I read this article about people paying off layaway balances, and it made me cry.

I wish I could do this. Can you do this? You should do this.

I want to drive to Kmart right now and do it.

In a day and age where people are violently assaulting each other to grab an XBox, it’s nice to read an article about people doing good, too.

7 thoughts on “Small surprises

  1. I have heard about this, and it just really makes me believe in the goodwill of the human race, and that all is not lost.

    I SO wish I was in a position to do this. Instead, I’m just the one who digs through my coupon holder to give people in line coupons for stuff they are buying. Maybe one day…I can dream, right?

  2. Oh.

    This is lovely.


    I’ve made a vow, by the way: when I drive, I’m going to pay for people at the toll booth. The whole idea of random acts of kindness makes me feel lit up.

  3. My heart is as big as it could be right now. My name is Lisa and I am an old friend of your mom’s from her GBMC days, a nurse. This may not be the forum but I could not be more proud of you Brigid.

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