Well, hello, my lovelies…

When we got home this afternoon, a package from Kensington Books was sitting on my front doorstep. My husband thought perhaps they were ARCs, but no. They were:

Cover proofs!

I’m very excited. They’re slick, and shiny, and I rather love the spine. The people at Kensington are AWESOME.

And yes, if you must know, that is my dining room table, complete with my Kindle, a baby bottle cap, a hair clip thingy, a hair barrette, a booklet of coupons for McDonalds, and a pile of papers from my son’s school that I haven’t bothered to go through yet. Oh, and my laptop pad, to keep my lap from melting when the laptop is actually in my lap.

Yes, folks, this is where the magic happens.

10 thoughts on “Well, hello, my lovelies…

  1. They look lovely! The guy on the front made me double-take in my reader. I was like “Taylor Lautner is doing book-covers?” Then I realized…it totally wansn’t TL. *LOL*

    Very exciting stuff!!!

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