School visit!

This week, I will have the extreme pleasure and honor of speaking at my stepson’s high school.

You want to know the last time I spoke to high school kids in a classroom? Probably when they were my peers.

You read that right. I’m a first-timer. A school visit virgin, if you will.

Some of my readers are teens. Some of you are writers. Some of you are both. Some of you are parents of teenagers.

What would you want to hear about? What would your kids want to hear about?

Even more, what wouldn’t you want to hear about?

4 thoughts on “School visit!

  1. Just thinking about giving a talk to high schoolers give me the shakes. It hasn’t been that long (well it feels that way) but no way i’m stepping back into HS.

    I’m guessing you’re going there as a writer?

    A good way of keeping their attention is trying to be funny. But these kids also don’t like lame jokes. And they also don’t like it when you go on for too long.

    Maybe they want to hear things about Twilight or justin Bieber… I’m not sure.

    Best of luck! You should check with your step son to see if what you say is alright with him. Personally I would worry about my parents speaking to my peers less they embarrass me. Go Brigid!

  2. Find out what group of kids it is. Is it an English class? A book club? The whole freakin’ school? The more select the group is, the more likely you are to find success.
    Why have you been invited to speak? Is it because you’re an author? If so, talk to them about the funny and/or hard parts of being an author. Let them laugh with you, and they will loosen up more. Be real.
    Let them ask questions if it’s a small group (say, 45 or fewer), and answer them honestly. Kids appreciate honesty.
    The more entertaining you are, the more they will like you. This is hard to do for the inexperienced. I do it all day, every day, so it’s not a big deal anymore, but I can feel the pain for those who are struggling with it.

  3. I just read Fiona’s comment. No, DON’T talk about Justin Bieber unless you’re going to make fun of him. This is a high school, not a grade school. Bieber is cool if you’re 10 years old and a girl. No high school boy wants anything to do with him. Trust me.

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