Congratulations are so totally in order…

One of my favorite things about this whole publishing gig is that sometimes it’s like finding long lost siblings. We’re not bound by blood, of course, we’re bound by agencies and publishing houses and the sheer love of the written word. Oh, and paranormal stuff, too.

But when I discover that I share an agent and an editor with someone, I know their work has to be truly awesome, and I can’t wait to read it.

With that said, I offer huge congratulations to Nina Berry, for the sale of her debut Young Adult novel Otherkin.

From Publisher’s Marketplace:

August 1, 2011
Young Adult 
Nina Berry’s OTHERKIN, in which a girl discovers she can shift into a tiger and is introduced into a world where people and objects aren’t what they seem, to Alicia Condon at K Teen, in a two-book deal, by Tamar Rydzinski at Laura Dail Literary Agency (world).

Nina has a blog (don’t we all??) at and a website at

Go say hi!! And add her to your watch list. I think her book sounds fantastic.

Congratulations, Nina!  

3 thoughts on “Congratulations are so totally in order…

  1. You’re so right, Brigid; making families through agents and publishers has always sounded like the best thing to me. Also, tigers are COOL. Otherkin sounds wicked.

  2. Thanks, Brigid, my agency and KTeen sister. Your support means so much.

    And thanks, Alison and Yahong – I can’t wait to hear what you think of it! We just have to wait a year or so… 🙁

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