Blogger tip, for you writers out there (and anyone else)

In Blogger, you can tell Blogger to use a special feed if people access your blog from a mobile device. Since about 40% of my traffic comes from iPhones or iPads (thanks, guys!), I thought I might share how to turn on the “Mobile” setting, because it really is far more convenient. I didn’t even realize this until I got the new phone, and found myself trying to catch up on some blogs while on vacation.

Just go into your blog settings, click on the “mobile” tab, and when it asks:

Show mobile template on mobile devices ?

Change the option to “Yes.” 

(This option defaults to “No.”)

Let me show you the difference. It’s not a huge deal, because most phones can be rotated to expand web pages, but it’s a hassle — and we all know we live in an accelerating world. The more easily people can read your content, the more hits you might get. 

My blog.

 This is how a blog looks with the mobile template. The posts are shrunk to the width of the screen, with a snippet of each one.

My husband’s defunct blog.

This is how a blog looks without the mobile template. The entire webpage is shrunk to the width of the screen, and impossible to read unless you turn your phone sideways and expand the text. 

Like I said, not a big deal. Just some food for thought. 


5 thoughts on “Blogger tip, for you writers out there (and anyone else)

  1. You scared me this morning when you tweeted “Whoa, hello new Blogger.” I thought they’d done some weird tweaking again. I just changed the mobile setting, thanks for posting, but have a stone age phone and can’t test it. Preview didn’t look any different, but maybe that’s because I’ve hacked the template.

  2. Oh, I know — I’ve seen mobile sites, and I’m surprised how well Blogger sets them up! I totally wouldn’t have expected such aplomb from them. 😛

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