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I need to give Leslie Rhodes Photography a shout-out here on the blog, because she did my author photos, and they came out so well. Leslie is an amazing photographer, and she has a huge portfolio of couples, family portraits, newborn photos, and weddings. You should definitely check out her site at

Annnnnnnnd, if you haven’t already seen them, you can check out a few of my author photos, which she featured on her blog! Here’s the link for that:

Look, I’m pregnant, okay? Don’t judge the bags under my eyes.


8 thoughts on “Author photos

  1. If I ever get published, I’m going to have to find some way around this part of publicity. Either I’ll have to use a baby photo of myself or else create an avatar or something.
    You are a brave woman to face this.

  2. You look great, Brigid! Love these!

    If I’m ever fortunate enough to publish something, I think I’ll go the Lemony Snicket route–blurry black and white photo, taken from far away, hat pulled over my eyes.

  3. I do agree with your agency mate about your stunning blue eyes. I, however, will refrain from voicing my desire to keep them in a jar on my desk. You do look beautiful, though, Brigid!

  4. You look uber-professional and cute! I love the coat and scarf.

    BTW, you can use the “I’m pregnant!” excuse for a lot of things…like maybe eating an entire bag of jelly beans. I may know a pregnant lady who just did that.

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