The most fun non-writing writing-related thing I’ve ever done.

Ever play The Sims?

Yeah, I think it’s boring, too.

Then I decided to create a family of the characters in my novel.

Meet the Merrick brothers:

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to create twins before, but it’s tough, since each Sim starts with a random face.
Meet Nick and Gabriel.

Chris, the youngest brother, was swimming. Michael, the oldest, wants him to get dressed. There’s work to do.
But Nick and Gabriel convince everyone to play video games.

There’s a good chance I just made myself even more dorky.

I really didn’t think that was possible.

What’s the weirdest non-writing writing-related thing you’ve ever done?


6 thoughts on “The most fun non-writing writing-related thing I’ve ever done.

  1. I love watching little daydream “films” of my characters before I write up those scenes, so this sounds like a great idea to me! Of course, the last time I played a video game, it was the original version of Tetrus. (yeah, that’d be the one with all the directions printed in Russian and all black-and-white graphics in the pre-internet, still Cold War days. No joke.)

  2. OK, I admit it, I may have spent a few hours here and there watching krav maga exhibition match videos on youtube. They’re usually set to industrial or rap music. Sometimes I mute. Sometimes I do not. But it’s research, right?

    That Sims thing is hilarious. Do they get up to mischief when you’re not attending to them?

  3. Oh my gosh! I have to do this. I used to have a sims game for XBOX, but I got rid of it because it isn’t much fun to have to make fictional characters go pee in the potty. 🙂 But this is way too cool. I might go back and buy another sims game (used of course) just to play it using the characters from my manuscript!

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