The human slush pile

I’ve talked about American Idol before, but it was on last night, so it deserves a passing mention.

As I sit here and watch the people filter through, I just keep thinking of all the query letters agents receive, and wonder if American Idol is really just a human slush pile.

There are the truly clueless, the people who can’t sing worth a lick, who are barely sane, and who flip off the camera when the judges say it’s not for them.

There are the bad, the people who just don’t KNOW they’re bad, but they’re willing to get up there and face criticism. These are the guys and girls who slink off the stage, looking a little downtrodden, but not slinging the F-bomb at the judges.

There are the average. People who were probably in the choir in high school, and maybe their mom told them they could carry a tune. Nothing special, nothing bad. Average. But hey, this is a competition, and average isn’t going to get you anywhere. These people might have a shot, if they pay their dues.

There are the above average. Sometimes these people get to Hollywood. These are the people who have shiny hair, a nice smile, and a glimmer of talent hidden under some tarnish. They might make it, they might not.

There are the almost-professionals. The people who prove, again and again, that they deserve to be on that stage. They rise to the challenge. They take the criticism with an attitude of Bring it. And then they bring it. These are the people who end up competing for America’s vote.

Then there’s the winner.

What kind of singer are you?

What kind of writer?

2 thoughts on “The human slush pile

  1. I am an awful singer. Really awful. I have considered taking singing lessons so that I can sing “Happy Birthday” without feeling embarrassed.

    As a writer, I have a little talent, too much fear, and a contrary streak that keeps me in the game 🙂

  2. I’m the kind of singer they’d make YouTube videos of after my American Idol audition. And not in a good way.

    Doesn’t think make you so happy that more than one person gets a publishing contract each year? And that we don’t have to do it with all of America watching? Phew.

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