Have you ever played with this site: www.wordle.net?

It’s pretty cool. You can paste anything you want into the box, and it turns into a word cloud. Words you use more frequently show up larger.

Here’s the wordle for my novel on submission. I love how it turned out:

Obviously, Chris and Becca are the main characters. See that other big word sitting at the bottom? “Like”? Someone likes to use a lot of similes… *wince*

I especially like how you can enter a blog URL and have it create a cloud. I think this would be fun with all kinds of things. You could even make greeting card covers by manipulating the tool. (Put your name in 15 times, then Happy Holidays 8 times…)

Go. Play. We’ll talk profanity in YA tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Wordle

  1. Yeah, I did a wordle for last year’s NaNo, it was fun to see which words were pretty big. One of them was ‘like’, mostly because my characters use the word a lot in their dialogue 😛

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