Women at War: Let’s hear it for the girls

First off, I did not mean to exclude our female soldiers from my previous post, and I owe all of them a sincere apology for doing so. It was completely unintentional. Any female serving her country is an amazing woman, and I am in awe of each and every one of them. Seriously, I can’t imagine that kind of sacrifice, and it’s nothing short of amazing. When I read the first comment about woman soldiers being over there, too, I felt like a world class heel.

I was only thinking of men because I’m surrounded by them. I work with all men. I have only sons. I only have a brother. My mom only has brothers, so I always think of extended family in terms of “uncles.” The only soldiers I know are men. Basically, I’m surrounded by the Y chromosome. This isn’t an excuse, just an explanation (albeit a bad one).

This morning, when I reposted that blog entry, I was looking at my Christmas tree and thinking of how sad I would be if any of the men in my life were away defending our country, and wondering how the hundreds (thousands, I’m sure) of mothers across the country are getting along without their “boys.” Let me just say right now: I’d be every bit as sad if any of the women in my life were doing the same thing, and I’m sure every mother with a daughter “over there” is missing her little girl just as much.

All American soldiers are amazing people, men and women, and I can’t thank you all enough for what you do, every day, in the name of our country.


One thought on “Women at War: Let’s hear it for the girls

  1. Well, hooray! And I do miss my little sis, a lot, but man, I’m also SO proud–she’s a total badass who takes good care of her soldiers and helps save lives. I really appreciate how you’re calling attention to them at this time of year!

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