Early morning discussion

Why is a man with a sword so frigging hot?

Is it the weapon? Is it the *ahem* representation? Is it the idea of a simpler time, of chivalry and nobility?

Or is it something that doesn’t need discussion? Just appreciation?

(I’m watching Ever After, in case you’re wondering.)

4 thoughts on “Early morning discussion

  1. It’s an interesting question, actually, because who thinks a bar fight is sexy: a couple of guys swinging their fists b/c they pissed each other off. But it’s kind of the same idea, right? But toss breeches and a sword and a billowy shirt into the mix, maybe some leather, and the bar fight goes from idiotic to sexy.

    I think it’s the chivalry and strength…the alpha male bit and all our imagination creates along with it. But maybe women back then thought no more of the exchange than we think of two guys from opposing fraternities fighting for the honor of their houses. Maybe women then were like, “You come home one more time with a tear in your shirt, and you’re sleeping in the spare room. Use your fists next time, okay? This sword stuff is stupid.”

  2. Oh man! The sword obviously has phallic elements to it, but I’d have to say that the appeal of a man with a sword is the combo of fierce man battle, gentlemanly etiquette, and skill that requires years of dedication and study. A man who is good with his sword proves that he is capable of protecting, following the rules, and committing. What else could we require?

  3. And a kilt.
    Only once have I ever seen a guy who didn’t look hotter than heck in a kilt. (And he was a very large man, so the kilt looked like a beach blanket on him.)
    Even Joe Average looks mighty hot in a kilt.
    So kilt AND a sword (preferably a claymore), and you have just an awesome combo…..

  4. Go me, I open a discussion, then spend 36 hours without a computer. Sorry, guys. :-/

    I love the points you’ve made! I totally agree with the chivalry and strength points. And I personally think a guy in a kilt is sixteen shades of hot, myself. 🙂

    Bobbie, your comment about women complaining about sliced shirts made me laugh out loud! I love it!

    Maybe it’s the predecessor to a man in uniform. Something about a man with a sword speaks to honor, chivalry, and protection. And what woman doesn’t want that?

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