Tuesday Top Ten

No, this isn’t going to be a regular feature. I’m not that motivated.

I sorted iTunes by play counts. This is rather enlightening, and I highly recommend you do it.

Of course, this doesn’t count the number of times I’ve played these songs on my iPod, but since I mostly write using iTunes on my laptop, it’s pretty indicative of…something. I’m not quite sure what.

So here you go, my ten most played songs.

Don’t judge.

Wait. I know you will. Don’t judge harshly.

  1. Defying Gravity (Glee Cast version) 48 plays
  2. Wake Up (Hilary Duff) 42 plays
  3. Morning After Dark (Timbaland) 42 plays
  4. Belle of the Boulevard (Dashboard Confessional) 38 plays
  5. Alright with Me (Kris Allen) 38 plays
  6. Your Guardian Angel (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) 38 plays
  7. Bad Romance (Lady Gaga) 32 plays
  8. Hey, Soul Sister (Train) 32 plays
  9. Body Language (Jesse McCartney, featuring T-Pain) 30 plays
  10. Body Language (Jesse McCartney) 29 plays

Please note that the last two songs are really one song, two different versions. That means I’ve listened to that song almost 60 times, far more than any other song on the list. 60 times! Jesse McCartney! What, am I twelve years old?

So if I add another song to get a true top ten, the next one on the list is “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond, also at 29 plays.


Neil Diamond is in my iTunes top 10? Not my wedding song? But Lady Gaga made the list? I don’t even LIKE that Lady Gaga song. There’s no 3OH!3? No real R&B at all?

Who the hell am I?

This whole experiment has completely changed the way I look at myself.

Clearly I’m putting my day of illness to good use.

Seriously, now? Neil Diamond?

And Jesse McCartney?

My husband will be so disappointed.


One thought on “Tuesday Top Ten

  1. Hilarious!!! And I love Sweet Caroline. Glee did a version of that, right? So it’s not TOOOOOooo 1970s anymore, is it? But, hey… you’re writing YA. You need a little teen music influence. No shame in that.

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