Horror story

I didn’t have a big wedding. Maybe 125 people. The place where we got married, The Elkridge Furnace Inn, came with a wedding planner, and he was forty shades of awesome. He told us to spend money on having a good time, and not to waste it on things like flowers and favors.

That was great advice. I had a stunning bouquet, and real roses for all my bridesmaid’s bouquets, but no flower centerpieces, no flowers on the aisle. I spent less than $1,000 on flowers.

I’m not ashamed to say my dress came from David’s Bridal.

We did have top shelf open bar, filet mignon, and crab cakes. A live band. I have some wicked badass pictures from a great photographer. (Mike, just shut up about the videographer. Okay? Okay.)

I received great gifts. I’m blessed and lucky to have such generous friends.

I wrote thank you notes for all of them.

Only half of them got mailed.

I discovered the other half in a desk drawer, like a year after the wedding. I was horrified. Embarrassed. I didn’t know what to do.

I threw them away. Like that would make it better.

I should have just put stamps on them and mailed them. Better late than never, right?

Of course I regretted my rash decision. But I had a newborn to take care of, and honestly, I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep at night. My mind wasn’t at its best.

When I decided I’d been a complete and total fool, I realized something else: I had no idea whose thank you notes I’d thrown away. I didn’t even have my “gift list” anymore. You know, the list of who gave you what so you can actually write the notes?

I didn’t know what to do.

So I didn’t do anything.

I’m still mortified. But it’s been almost five years. I think I can apologize publicly.

If you gave me a gift, and I didn’t thank you, please know I appreciate your generosity. I love you all.

I’m just an idiot.


3 thoughts on “Horror story

  1. Oh please Bridgid…if people need a paper “thank you” then they truly aren’t your friends….If I had to thank YOU for everything that you did and experience my daughter learned from you from the grr…to the **** off comment….I would be sending you a thank you note everyday. people should not give gifts to get a thank you they give a gift because they “want” too, but that’s just my opinion.

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