RWA, Day One

The first day of RWA doesn’t really involve much more than checking in, getting your name badge, and walking around trying to read the name badge of other people to see who they are. So far, the most notable name I’ve seen on a sign was Kweise Mfume, and that was on a piece of paper held by a chauffeur at the airport.

I know lots of awesome writers and agents and editors are going to be at this thing. I already have a bag of swag. I’m much more relaxed this year since I have an agent (hi, Tamar!) and I don’t have to pitch anything.

Funny little side note: at last year’s RWA, I was in the first workshop on the first day, and in the middle of the workshop, I checked my BlackBerry. I had 12 missed calls, all from my husband. My heart stopped, but then I noticed my email indicator was on. There were three. One was an email from my husband saying, “Check your email! I think there’s a full request in there!”

Indeed there was. The next email was the full manuscript request from Tamar. *sniff* Memories.

Seriously, I almost screamed right in the middle of the workshop. I don’t even remember what it was about.

Oh, and I think the third email was for penis enlargement.

There’s something about the whole conference atmosphere that’s downright energizing. I don’t even have to pitch, and I’m excited. Who knows who I’ll sit next to? Who knows what I’ll learn?

I remember once going with a friend to New York, and she was kind of disappointed when we came home. She said she kept hoping she’d be “discovered.”

But that leaves the control in everyone elses’ hands. At RWA, there are so many opportunities to talk to people. To share ideas, to learn, to network.

You know what it is? There’s potential in the air.


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